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Nov. 16

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A 3D object’s model could be of immense help. In business, they are used to create product prototype. Many architects use the model objects to show the design layout to property site engineers. Institutes and establishments use them for stall demonstration and as a part of town hall showcase. Many industries and factories use them to create a prototype for creating actual molds that are then used for shaping metals. 3D printing is an innovative technology that lets you create model objects in a go. This pushed developers like us to create custom app for 3D printing.

Technology Behind Additive 3D Printing

3D printers use a laser or an extruder which swiftly moves along X,Y and Z axis to build 3D objects. As it moves along the axis, it creates layers of material one above the other to form different shapes.

Unlike the subtractive process used in the traditional object printing where excessive materials were cut/drilled, modern printing used additive process. Sometimes also referred as additive manufacturing, 3D printing fuses solid and liquid materials to form series of layers which are usually few microns thick.

Digital prototype building software like Computer Aided Designing, 3D Studio Max and Siemens NX are used to create an initial object blueprint. Upon receiving the print command, the object is built layer by layer and the working model is readied in no time.

The printed model object is then allowed to dry down and settle to form a strengthened unit.

Other than fused additive disposition, several other printing techniques are adopted like selective laser sintering(SLS) and a stereolithography. Differing from fused additive disposition, SLS shines a high-powered beam of laser light onto a bed of powdered resin turning it into a hardened material. Unlike SLS, Stereolithography object printing technique uses liquid resin to form 3D shapes.

Custom App for 3D Printing in Business, Schools and HealthCare Sectors

Custom app for 3D printing is used in a wide range of business including clothing and fashion, high-end engineering including aerospace, automotive and specialty components designing. In addition to manufacturing, cutom app for 3D printing is also used in industries like healthcare, petro chemicals, consumer products, electronics and tooling business.

  • Application In Business: Many businesses adopts additive manufacturing to create demo models, jewelry models, product samples, sculptures, art pieces and other prototypes.
  • Application in Schools: In schools, 3D models are used as visual aids to educate students. A brain or heart model are usually used to educate kids about the brain and heart anatomy. Thus increasing their critical thinking and problem-solving ability to impart learning.
  • Application in Healthcare: In the healthcare sector, custom app for 3D printing assists in creating organ models, in customizing prosthetics, creating dental implants among others.

What’s in store for your business?

Nowadays 3D printers have become much more affordable. If you are into a product manufacturing, then the 3D printer is just a right fit for your business. It offers maximum convenience as you can create new designs and prototype as and when you need. The innovation in printing process help you in bringing down the wastage considerably and also assists in rapid prototyping.

Custom App for 3D Printing – What’s the Future?

Although 3D printers are into existence since last 25 years, it has gained more prominence only of late. Mobile app for 3D printing or Custom app for 3D printing brings your virtual designs to real life. Printed objects created using 3D printing are almost 60% lighter and stronger than objects created using traditional methods. Many 3D printer developing companies are now focusing on providing vivid visualization with mobile app for 3D printing along with the realistic 3D models.

Several industries like healthcare, jewelry designing and tooling are expected to make extensive use of custom app for 3D printing. Another area of 3D printing exploration is in a production of replacement parts. You can easily print screws for your laptops, nut bolts to support your shelves and piston for your car. The simplicity of use and almost unlimited customization possibilities has resulted in 3D printers becoming more and more popular as design tools.

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