A Glimpse of Google I/O 2015: Android M, Project Brillo, HBO and Everything Else!


May. 15

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Yesterday, 28th may 2015, Google has reported new version of Android (‘M’) with an attention on battery execution, incorporated mobile payments and context-oriented Google Now looks, at its yearly I/O engineers meeting.

Here is a highlights of this event if you have missed any topics.

All about Android M

As we know it is the latest and new version of Android, Google has covered major areas that they had focused for improvement in Android M. Lets have overview of them.

  • Permission:

Earlier, we have to give permission to our smartphone, then we would able to install the application at all. But now, Google will alter permissions, making it clear to users when they apply a feature interestingly whether the application needs to use the camera, area information, or other data around a user and their gadget. Unfortunately, it won’t be automatically available to existing applications when users update to Android M.

In Android M users will have the ability to see which applications use which element of their gadgets all the more effectively, and choose that they need to allow or deny that authorization in a more granular manner.

  • Chrome Custom Tabs

The next zone of improvement in Android M is to the conduct of web views inside different applications. This is through a component called Chrome Custom Tabs, which looks an in-application Chrome browser and should make loading pages quicker by preloading certain components, including passwords and auto-fill means that all of a user’s autofill data, passwords, and cache are accessible when they open links within that application.

  • Android Pay

Android M will permit a more prominent level of security when using Android Pay through another API to institutionalize finger impression sensors on Android gadgets. It is idea that it will expand Android Pay by banding together with portable suppliers to pre-install the element on new devices. Accomplices incorporate T-Mobile, Version and AT&T. To verify installments, you can use your fingerprint to verify your personal identity.

  • Battery Power

Another “dozing” feature is intended to help spare battery life when the gadget’s motion sensor is stagnant. Alerts and notifications will in any case push to the phone in this state, notwithstanding. In the mean time, Google additionally said USB Type C is coming to Android device “soon.”

  • Web links Experience:

Google is making in Android M is to how Android Intents handles web links. With Android M, application designers can now have the working OS check that certain sorts of links are intended to be opened with their application by checking with the web server that those link point to and confirming that it is intended to be opened with that application. Google declared measures to make it simpler for applications to connection to different applications, for instance, loading the Twitter application consequently when you click on a connection to a tweet.

Android Wear

Google added some powerful new apps to its Android Wear smartwatch OS. Some new Android Wear upgrades will incorporate a ” Always On” highlight to keep applications on the screen so data is constantly understandable at a glance in a low power highly contrasting mode. Users no more need to click the screen to awaken application.

Right now, Google says there are give or take 4,000 applications intended for Android Wear.

HBO Now is officially on the Play Store

Google affirmed yesterday in conference that HBO Now, the US supporter’s new streaming service, will be arriving on Google Play tailing its brief stretch as an iOS-just versatile service. Apple has a select on HBO’s standalone spilling administration until July, however it’ll be coming to Android telephones, tablets, and TV gadgets, alongside Chromecast, after that.

Project Brillo and Weave

Google is completely using its Nest acquisition to footstep into the Internet of Things market by declaring Project Brillo, its own working framework for IoT devices. Brillo is gotten from Android to give low power, wireless solution that can be effortlessly adaptable to a wide range of Android devices.

The organization additionally declared Weave, a path for these items to communicate with different devices and the web, and for users to control them by voice. There’s a lot of competition here, however it ought to at any rate be more fruitful than [email protected]. Weave is accessible cross-platform.

Google Now On Tap

In Android M, users can invoke Google’s virtual aide from inside different applications. That means you can gaze upward movie times or restaurants while your friend’s instant messages stay open in the background. Google Now can even react to specific questions in light of what’s occurring in the application, for occasion identifying the lead artist in a melody that is on from Spotify.

Google Offline Maps Improvements

Google also presented Offline Maps, permitting you to get to Google Maps area hunt and headings without obliging a web association. It can also total surveys so you can get to this data totally logged off.

Offline Maps will be accessible “later this year”.

More Uses for Virtual Reality

Google defined its thoughts for Virtual Reality for both in the short and long term. Google reported that the Google Cardboard SDK for Unity will now bolster iOS. It’s got an enhanced viewer too, and is general less demanding to collect.

Another idea to implement virtual reality to take children to the Moon, the Great Wall of China the base of the sea and somewhere else. Educators will get a crate of phones and viewers, all synchronized, which let classes go on virtual field trips.

Jump will help video producers make immersive 360-degree scenes for review on YouTube. Google is additionally releasing software tools for conveying Cardboard applications to the iPhone.

Google Photos

Google as of now has a photo too for your Android phone, yet Google Photos is a redone application that will move down a boundless number of photographs and videos free of charge.

The application will help move down your photos (boundless and free!) and permit you to browse photographs over a timeline. Furthermore, it can too sort your photos based on to People and Places without requiring the user to include labels.

Google Photos is available now on Android, iOS and Web.

Everything Else

Launching Android Studio 1.3 to make it simpler for developers to make and code applications.

Concentrating on users in developing nations, by making maps simpler to offline, and modifying tools like YouTube, Search and Chrome to use in low-transmission capacity places. Also allowing developers to make landing pages on Google Play, and simpler choices for monetisation, significance adverts, in applications.

Presenting another family-friendly Play Store with applications exceptionally chose for children and parents.

There are a lot of different parts here, however one thing they have in like manner is that they’re all expanding on something. They aren’t fiercely ambitious attempts to make something completely new, as Google Glass was, yet rather are handy changes to existing items, or sensible reconsiders of past failures. Not precisely the stuff you’d celebrate with tricks, but rather things to anticipate in any case. Stay tuned more update on Technology and keep sharing your opinions regarding different topics through comment.


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