Android Developers get their own shindig at NitroDroid 2012 Goa


Oct. 12

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This October Panjim, Goa was put on the Android Developer destinations map. If you are an Indian Android developer you know I’m referring to NitroDroid 2012. Those who missed it need not worry cause this is where you can catch up on some good stuff.


NitroDroid took place this Saturday the 6th and Android Developer sovereign event. Hotel Fidalgo played host to the maiden voyage of NitroDroid and was swarmed by Android Experts and novice. The prime goal of the event was to promote development in Android and teach new tips and tricks to newbies. An Android Developer conference is new for Goa and NitroDroid is a first for Goa. So the purpose of the event is crystal. However the horde of topics that were discussed that set NitroDroid apart from  any other Android expositions.

Event Outline

Everybody praised wonderful efforts made by organizers

  • The show kicked off with Romin Irani providing an introduction to Android. This android 101 was concise and covered all details that we need to know about the OS.
  • Anay Kamat gave some tips on agile development in Android application development. Agile development is similar to rapid methodology but the needs and solutions change with each iteration of development. As many know this methodology is easier said than done and is prone to produce flaws if proper care is not taken.
  • Ravi Vyas taught how to monetize your application with Ad Network. This is a kind of primary source of income for independent developers apart from donations.Also  not to forget the mobile analytics presentation. It is a must know for mobile site development.
  • Amrit Sanjeev brought to light Google’s application-developer messaging system called Google Cloud Messaging. GCM allows developers to send messages to their applications from servers.
  • Paresh Mayani explained Web Service and Database Integration in Android applications for developing enterprise apps for Android.
  • Entrepreneur and digital marketing guru Jaydip Parikh also shared some Gyaan on Android app promotion. He explained themes like QR codes, influences, URL shortener, Launch parties, press release etc.

If you think NitroDroid was all talk and no show, then you are wrong. Jitin Pillai demonstrated the Android based set-top box called SAGA by NityaLabs.  Yes android love for your TV.

When discussing tech how can we leave out robotics. Aman Alam and Khwaja Naved gave an illustrative insight into Android based robotics.

And that is how Goa achieved its first Android milestone with NitroDroid 2012.

Nitrodroid & LetsNurture

Our Android App Tweet Analysis App was playing judge role in Nirtrodroid Event , Top Participants who tweeted #nitrodroid on twitter got special prizes from Organizers..

Our Analysis gave time to time updates on twitter for leaderboard

We were Digital Marketing Partner for #nitrodroid so, it was happy moments when we saw nitrodroid trending on twitter..

We are waiting for next Nitrodroid now 🙂


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