Android Multiple Service Crash Issue: Learning From Mistakes


Jun. 13

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We always like to give something away to audience today. We will share issues which we faced during mobile app development process & solution for those issues. It might be too geeky sometime but ultimately most of these will be for developer community, so geekiness won’t be a problem we guess.

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Raceopedia- One more issue

Recently we faced an error in our app Receopedia. We were clueless for a second how it happened but after logcat we found there was a clash between two background services name. There were two background alarm services with same name. These two Services are for notification in our application- One is to give notification if any ‘Formula 1’ race happening today. Second service is to notify user if today is birthday of any formula one driver.

Our Mistake

But by mistake we put the name of 2 services same, so it conflicted with each other as we defined different repetitive time for each background service. And whenever 2 services respectively called at same, app will crash. So to avoid this issue our android team changed time & name of service and it has solved our problem.

It is a great learning curve for any developer who is willing to try and find the mistake made during running the application. Any mobile app development company would be facing these small or big issues while developing the applications before they are ready to get launched.

Have you faced any real time error during your mobile app development? Please share your thoughts and experiences at @LetsNurture


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