LetsNurture – Application Maintenance Services is of the features services we offer to our existing clients and the global businesses who understand the importance of keeping their artillery and the inventory updated. Your IT Infrastructure and Business Intelligence tools define the actual scalability of your business. And that’s where our services will ensure the functionality of your business applications is in line with the existing technology.

Yes – we understand that you must focus on the core aspects of your business strategies. However, it is not feasible from cost as well as time point of view to have in-house support and maintenance team. Having understood the economics of the situation, we initiated a dedicated division to focus on overhauling your existing business applications that reduces the time & cost and also delivers cutting edge technological enhancements.

Our maintenance & support services are aiming to ensure faster ROI and effectiveness to be a productive business ally of yours. Our team of dedicated engineers will understand the routine issued faced by your teams, we will perform tests at regular intervals to de-bottleneck the future issues, implement the updates through channelized methods and back the policies with sufficient documentation to enforce change management.

LetsNurture – Application Maintenance Services can assist you with:

  • Reducing your Total Cost Ownership
  • Implementation of Change Management policies as per your growing business requirements
  • Enhancement of Application’s stability
  • Optimizing the client resource utilizing yielding costs reduction through implementation of latest IT technologies

Our Services will include:

  • Strategic IT Governance
  • Fault Analysis
  • Disaster Management
  • Design Update
  • Upgrades and Patches
  • Code revision and optimization
  • Manual and Automated Testing
  • Software Enhancement
  • 24 x 7 support

Our Methodology:

Our Application Maintenance Services is designed to allow our clients to transfer the load from their in-house support teams to our offshore maintenance teams. Now each application is different from another and scope will inevitably diverse from most. Therefore, in order to handle the variations and dynamic behavior of distinguished requirement, we have devised the cycles to cope with the work-flow. Our teams of engineers have the expertise to ensure that each cycle is flexible to handle the complexity and changes to meet your business requirements.

Three Cycles’ Approach:

Cycle 1:

  • Requirement understanding and team gathering as per the platform, operating systems, software ecosystem, business domain, database, etc.
  • Micro-analysis on the business requirement and detailed know-how of the software / the application implemented
  • Gathering insights at length on the areas of concern for the client with regards to the applicability of the software and issues with functionality

Cycle 2:

  • More detailed understanding the daily and critical tasks to be performed using the application
  • Imparting strategic inputs from the team at the client-side to the maintenance team
  • Preparing the strategy to de-bottleneck the issues and implementation phases

Cycle 3:

  • Bringing the ecosystem to a steady support level
  • Implementation of the necessary updates in the software with the client consent
  • Responsible for end to end maintenance, support, debugging, troubleshooting and package upgradation

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