The Most Awaited Apple Watch Will Be On Sale from April!


Feb. 15

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It has been a while that Apple announced their Smartwatch at WWDC 2014. The technology lovers have been waiting for Apple Watch release since then. It’s going to be the end of anticipation for to finally get hands on it. Apple is all set to sell the watch from April.



Apple’s First Step in Wearable Technology:

Samsung, Sony and LG, all have released some amazing smartwatches in 2014. But Apple has not yet entered in the market with its product. It is for the first time that Apple will release its wearable in the market and Tim Cook believes that it will surely take on the wearables released till date.


Apple Watch with Nike’s Fitness Sensor:

The Apple Watch can be paired with iPhone 5 and all the new models. The smartwatch comes with Nike’s fitness sensor which gives you some amazing numbers about your heart rate, calories burnt, distance travelled and much more. The integration of Nike fitness sensor and the app for Apple Watch to operate on your iPhone is a perfect example for the development of wearable apps.


Many Questions on Battery Life:

Some believe that the battery life of Apple Watch will not last more than 3 hours if used continuously. But, Apple has assured that it will last for one day. It will be a tough competition where the Sony’s Smartwatch 3 gives the longest of battery life as compared to all the other brands which is for 3 days. The people all over the world are expecting that the battery life issue will be sorted out before Apple releases its Watch in April.


The apps used in the watch will be a key to the battery life. So make the best choice out of all the available apps for Apple Watch. And if you are looking forward to develop an app that consumes less battery power, hire Apple Watch app development service from us. Write to us on [email protected] for more information.


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