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Feb. 13

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So our first entry on the Magento Extensions list for Maniacal Magento Mondays is Blog (Community Edition)  by aheadWorks. For Magento web development, the aim behind this plugin is to add blogging functionalities like that of WordPress into your Magento website . So why would you add it to your e-Commerce website? To get more visitors of course. A blog section on your website will allow you to keep regular customers updated about your website and fetch extra visitors who are just looking for information. It allows you to make sure that all your updates like news about your store, upcoming products and promotions are heard by the right crowd and allows you to get feedback on the developments. This is much of importance for e-Commerce website development.

Blogging allows you to put fresh content on your website at appropriate time intervals which makes search engines rank your website better.

Manage Blogs Easily with Magento Web Development

The current Features for Blog are quite impressive. You can maintain different blogs for different stores that you have and can choose to switch each blog on/off individually. You can also maintain different blog RSS feeds for different stores as well.

Blog by aheadWorks
Blog by aheadWorks : add post

You have all the regular things like tags and tag cloud, switchable categories and latest posts widget. You even have the handy ability to duplicate similar posts and simply focus on putting your content in.

Makes Blogs Attractive with Magento for e-Commerce Web Development:

The interface is not attractive like that of WordPress as it uses the native Magento WYSIWYG editor but  still it allows you all the basic functionalities you would like to have while blogging. The comments section for the blogs is also good. You can control whether you want a comments section with your post and how many comments you want to show on your page.

blog by aheadworks comments
blog by aheadworks comments

With Magento website development, you will grow to appreciate the level of blogging freedom that this extension provides. There are a few issues that are solved in the latest version of the extension.

The Verdict

The verdict? If you want to blog using Magento then this is the way to do it.

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