Book-A-Ride 3rd Party App Extensions in iOS10 to Benefit Commuters


Nov. 16

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What was initially thought of as a certain app specific functionality feature, will now be incorporated as app extension to the mobile system. Indeed we are talking about Book-A-Ride app extensions support in iOS10. Initially it was featured only in Uber ride sharing app. However enhanced map extension of iOS10 provide support to, many third party apps. Book-A-Ride for instance is a 3rd app extension which gets easily integrated to iOS map interface.

Boost Your Application Functionality Through App Extensions

With the release of iOS10, iPhone users are now gifted with new third party app extensions. With Intents-UI framework iPhone users are equipped to integrate the third party apps to interface with the iOS system. Currently app extension are featured in Siri and the Apple’s map interface in the iOS10 operating system.

Most app extension strives to increase the scope of the existing iOS application by many folds. An extended Siri can accept command to book an Uber or Ola ride and lets you pay the bill through payment services. In addition to the extended Siri support, Intents-UI framework extensively uses iOS10 maps for  assistance.

Unleash the Features of Apple Map App Extensions

Many third party applications like OpenTable, Uber, Yelp, Lyft easily lets you to book a cab. It finely integrates all your booking into the Maps. The map interface also integrates with Apple Pay to allow secure payment of all the new rides.

Some search filters of maps lets you to find restaurants offering specific type and varieties of food. It also suggests alternative route the vehicle must take in order to avoid traffic congestion.

Assisting the Vehicle Driver

With iOS10 Maps are more smarter. They intelligently predict destination based on routine drive patterns or through the appointments that are scheduled on your calendar. All the important halt spots enroute are displayed on screen.  As you drive on road the on-screen information display would indicate how stopping could impact length of your  trip.

In the planned route the on screen map displays the gas stations, restaurants, coffee shops etc. It also smartly predicts spots where you most likely would want to stop at. The GPS enabled map interface also remembers and stores information of parking spot in the given region.  For the subsequent visit, stored data lets you to locate the exact parking spot  thus saves your driving time.

What’s the Future?

In the near future, Apple is more likely to upgrade Map interface to support other domains. Additionally, new CarPlay support in iOS10  integrates Maps to vehicle of customers. Thus providing all its customers with needed driving assistance, route direction assistance and smart parking. The ability to integrate several different ride service operators into a single consistent map interface will prove to be a huge hit for iPhone users.

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Ketan Raval
Posted by Ketan Raval

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