Calculator App for Electrical Company and Client Review


Apr. 18

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Project Overview – Calculator App for Electrical Company

Calculator App for electrical company is a user-friendly software that enables electricians to make electrical calculations for cable sizing and installation. This app Makes vital decisions about current capacity and voltage drop on the job. Save valuable time and ensure your cable decisions are compliant.

Challenges – Calculator App for Electrical Company

The team of developers had already developed the mobile version of the calculators for Apple and android markets. The latest challenge was an update of the application. The client wanted to make a user-friendly version of the calculator app.


How did they approached Let’s Nurture?

The team of developers had already developed the two projects for this client. Though we always believe in client’s satisfaction, these are the words of the clients:

“Not only were they keen to see the project through, but they made sure that I was happy with each stage of the project. I had tried working with other companies for other projects, but Lets Nurture impressed me the most.”


Initially, client needed the feedback from the team as to the best way to update the calculator app. After given the suggestions via email and Skype, the client was curious on how to go about it.

“They supplied me with a quote detailing payment and progress milestones, with the guarantee that no payments would be requested until each milestone was reached to my satisfaction”

Feedback from Client in form of Ratings

We got 5 star review from the client on Clutch that was categorized by quality, schedule, cost and willing to prefer. During an interview by Clutch, client reviewed:

Can you share any outcomes from the project that demonstrate progress or success?

I continue to receive feedback from tradesmen who appreciate how useful and quick the app is. The app is intuitive and helps them save time on the job.

How effective was the workflow between your team and theirs?

“The team went out of their way to verify my intentions during the project. We used Basecamp, which allowed everyone involved in the project to receive instant notification of any correspondence. They were also just a message or Skype call away.”

What did you find most impressive about this company?

“Their knowledge pool was terrific, and they had no problems handling my requests. If there were any glitches, no matter how small, they worked hard to ensure I was satisfied.”

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