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Nov. 16

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I recently downloaded an app of a company to have a better customer service experience. But instead, every time I need assistance, I have to call the customer representative. So, I finally uninstalled that app. Well, how good it would be if the app had a built-in feature to response to the customer’s query. Let me tell you, this isn’t impossible at all. This is very much achievable by implementing chatbots.

To understand how chatbots can enhance customer service, let’s understand what chatbots really are. They are computer programs enable to carry out conversations with people using lightweight messaging app UI, language based rules and AI. It uses a natural language conversation tool rather than a conventional website or app user interface. I find this a convenient way of getting better and faster responses than the usual IVR and long waiting for the representative to reply. Will the chatbots also be an enhancement for websites and mobile apps? Let’s find out.

Reasons why brands will be interested in chatbots to make websites or apps more interactive

  • Crowd is moving towards messaging apps: Messaging apps have become the #1 way people communicate. This implies that every business will need a strategy to engage with people on messaging apps, resulting into a bot based solution. This would be feasible and effective for a brand to better understand their customers.
  • No particular platform required for developing a bot: They are compatible on all the mobile platforms. There is no need for a dedicated development for iOS and Android separately. It works just fine with all the platforms.
  • The user engagement needs to be increased: Chat based interface seems to be winning in terms of engagement. On Facebook Messenger, a billion messages are exchanged between users and businesses per month already.
  • No need of downloading: Chatbots load the fastest. It takes several minutes for an app or website to be responsive, but with chatbots, it isn’t the case.
  • Higher are the chances that people open the chats:  Messenger notifications have higher open rates than emails or other social media notifications. Bots here can be helpful for the brands to increase the user engagement by delivering  intimate one on one conversations.

The work is still on progress

While the development of new technologies is inevitable, we always have a scope of pacing towards betterment. Chatbots are at an early stage which makes us skeptical about its ruling over the world scenario.

Time and experience are the only factors that will decide the future of Chatbots. We still have to find out how people will react to having brands and businesses in their messenger.

At LetsNurture, we are doing everything we can to make this future a reality. If you think we can help you provide an IT solution for your company, please send us your queries on [email protected]


Ketan Raval
Posted by Ketan Raval

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