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Mar. 18

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Project Overview

A mobile app solution for Snow and Lawn removal services lets customers order one-time, on demand snow and lawn services directly from their phone. The mobile app connects homeowners with licensed, insured contractors for on demand snow removal and lawn cutting services where no seasonal contracts are required. A perfect solution for those who do not have a seasonal contract, and are looking to have a laneway cleared during the times at the time of extreme temperature in the snowy areas.


Client already had the wireframe of the mobile app to be developed. They were in need of expert mobile app developers who can help them in coding and creating both native Android mobile app and native iOS app.



Client had provided the wireframes they had, and our BA team made modifications along with suggestions. Our team of developers outlined the look and feel of the app to be developed and solidified their brand with the visual aspects.

How did they approach Let’s Nurture?

They found Let’s Nurture through Upwork. And searched for the options there. Having looked at our experience, they found us to be a good fit for their needs and budget.

Engagement Status

We started brainstorming the mobile app in January or February of 2015, and brought them on in April or May that year. We still work with them for touch ups or adjustments.

They’ve built mobile app with us before, and we are assisting them with other project now.

Feedback from Client in form of Ratings

We got 4.5 star review from the client on Clutch that was categorized by quality, schedule, cost and willing to prefer. During an interview by Clutch, client reviewed:

What evidence can you share that demonstrates the impact of the engagement?

The app runs perfectly. Whenever we find a general bug, they’re quick to fix it. Our contractors appreciate the easy user interface, especially compared to our competitors’ apps. It’s clear, concise, and straightforward for our customers as well.

How did Lets Nurture perform from a project management standpoint?

They were responsive whenever we needed to schedule a meeting or speak on the phone. They made themselves available when we had issues to resolve or changes to make, and always kept us in the loop. Most of our communication was through Skype, either video conferencing or over the phone. We also used Basecamp and corresponded occasionally via email.

What did you find most impressive about them?

They met deadlines, their communication was clear, and they gave us what we needed. They were also willing to share their ideas. They didn’t just follow orders, but made suggestions when they could make improvements. We had a really good experience with them.

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