Microsoft's Debut In Wearable Technology Market

Cross Platform Fitness Band: Microsoft’s Debut In Wearable Technology Market


Oct. 14

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Hands on with first ever Microsoft’s ‘Fitness Band’ unveiled yesterday. The most anticipated fitness band is available at just $199. This cross platform fitness band measures your heartbeat with the help of band’s sensors. Watch out how many more steps you need to walk by setting a limit of steps you walk. It displays some useful information about the calories burnt.

Microsoft also released ‘Microsoft Health’ app to store the health information to track your fitness levels. Now let us see some of the features in detail:

Set the band for a long walk

Set the band for a long walk

Whenever you walk for longer distances, you can’t guess the exact distance you have walked. With the help of the GPS tracking system, the device locates the locations you have walked for a certain period of time. It shows the total distance walked, the calories burnt, total duration for the distance you have walked and so on.

Measure your heartbeat while skydiving

Measure your heartbeat while skydiving

Before you dive from a aircraft from 1000ft above the ground level, it is must that you have a normal heartbeat rate. But how to measure the beat rate that point of time? With Microsoft’s Fitness Band, it is now possible to measure your beat rate. It displays the number on the screen of the band. You can also check out the heartbeat rate on the way when you dive from the aircraft.

Increase your sleep quality

Increase your sleep quality

The above given data is just a glimpse of some of the features of Microsoft’s Fitness Band. There is still more to come. Increase your sleep quality by knowing the time you sleep. With respect to all your health stats it will give you a rough estimation of the time you must sleep to stay healthy. It also shows you the blood pressure on your display.

Works with all major mobile platforms

Works with all major mobile platforms

You might have used Apple or Google’s wearable devices that work only on iOS and android platforms respectively. But this Fitness Band is capable of synchronizing with all the major mobile platforms i.e., Android, iOS and last but not the least its very own Windows. So it is a big plus if anyone with an idea wants to go for wearable application development using this band.

Specifications of the Fitness Band

Specifications of the Fitness Band

The band comes with 1.4-inch touch screen with a wider resolution of 320 x 106. There are two small batteries installed that are of 100mAh capacity and can give you a backup of 48 hours at a single charge.

It’s already out for sale in the US market, still to release worldwide. Only limited number of bands are on sale at present. Hurry! If you want to be the first one to buy it!

What LetsNurture does for Wearable App Development?

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