About Lets Nurture

Lets Nurture is a leading outsourcing company providing all sort of outsourcing services like Website Development, Mobile Application Development , Graphic Design, Data Processing Services, Staff Augmentation Services.

Whole world is digitizing and each and every paper is being processed & being digitized. Thus there is a huge demand in data processing services. Lets Nurture provides data processing services to convert paper to electronic format, paper to CAD, form processing, Survey processing and many more back office work. We know that back office work is always a headache for big organization and sometime it needs quicker turn around which can be expensive or not feasible within company. Lets nurture has an expert data processing team which can deliver your all kind of data in a best price.Lets Nurture has an ability to process tons of paper or soft document and convert them in to desired format. Data Processing can be termed as a super set of all Data management Services which includes following:

  • Online / Offline Data Entry services
  • Data Capturing / OCR Scanning (Data capturing including printed text, image capturing / scanning etc.
  • Data Conversion / Data Digitization
  • Form Processing Services
  • Catalog Processing / Promotional Product Entry Services / E-Cataloging
  • Data Mining (Searching / Fetching data from the internet or from file)

Data processing and Data Management services are our core business, we understand it better. A well trained and experienced team of professionals make this work very easy.


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