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Aug. 16

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Each business in the on-demand service has a unique model to accomplish a task.

Smartphones have made our lives really easy and simple. Many people might want to debate on this statement, but there is no denying that pros of smartphones have majorly made things more accessible. It’s all part of this communication revolution that started half a century ago with the Internet. Snowmowr app is just the answer.

Nobody at the moment realised that one day its impact would be to such an extent that from everyone to everything will be connected to each other, all with this Internet. The need of basic services from banking to mails, most of it are now handled by this Internet but there are a few that still need a bit of human touch.


We all seek to have a plumber, electrician, cleaner, etc. for home/office maintenance services. So what we do? We simply pick that big yellow page directory to find the number of the right handyman. No! Oh, its internet now. So, we just google it. Huh! What now? The number you have dialled does not exist.

Okay, to crease out this problem of getting unknown people to deal with this petty task, now there are some on-demand service mobile applications. Just like earlier when you would dial the number of the plumber to get the leakage fixed, now you can easily do that with the help of your smartphone.

Why there is need of On-Demand Services?

Basically, an on-demand service is when a service is immediately delivered to a customer once the customer has placed an order. More often than not, customers are able to place on-demand orders straight from their phones; the convenience of these transactions have contributed to a new, booming Collaborative Consumption industry.

Also for customers, it’s so annoying to keep on calling and reminding the service provider for the service required. In present high-tech world where almost everything is possible on just a single tap, then why not on demand service application?

Mobile Apps & Website are great support

As on-demand apps and websites are beneficial to the users, it is even more profitable for service providers as they provide them a wide range of customer base who is willing to take their services. Mobile & web technology helps the transaction free from the usual human errors and constant nagging of phone calling.

As service providers need to cater on-demand services like snow plowing and lawn maintenance to the customers, you may like to opt to develop an Android or iPhone app that can streamline your operations.

To develop an app or website for any  services is a step in right direction for customers and service contractors. Snow plowing and lawn maintenance services are season based services so the website or app is a convenient and easy platform to connect homeowners with licensed and insured contractors for on demand snow removal and lawn cutting services.


Snowmowr app provides the required service in just a few taps like register, enter address, select service, pay. Through Snowmowr app, customers can track the contractor step by step and the payment is deducted only after the job is completed.

Few of the season based service contractors who have their websites or apps for their service have testified that it has given push the business to another level,  strengthening customer relationships and providing on time services. A website or app makes their customers feel relaxed as it allows them to spare time for their work or entertainment, rather than wasting time in reminding service provider.

Since few months, a handful of on-demand service providers classified their independent mobile apps or website. Many others have acknowledged that they will soon consider the same move. When are you outlining for your service’s CMS based web development or android and iPhone based applications?

LetsNurture has already developed on demand service apps and websites for various domains such as electrician, plumber, cab companies, etc. For your on-demand service app/website, do contact us today at [email protected]


Ketan Raval
Posted by Ketan Raval

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