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Nov. 14

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The festival of Diwali is the most awaited. And why not? With gleaming diyas, festive colours and savouring dishes, it captures the hearts of many! At LetsNurture, we always wish that every festival brings growth, prosperity and good health for all the employees.

Here’s the glimpse of awesome October that went by:

Nurturer Attends Shape South Asia Event

The Shape South Asia Event was organized on 2nd Oct, which is the birthday of Father of The Nation, ‘Mahatma Gandhi’ at Kensville Golf Club. With the motive to create ‘the greatest good for all’, it was attended by the crème de la crème of entrepreneurs and innovators of India and of course, our very own Ahmedabad.

Ketan Raval - South Asia Event

We are really proud of the fact that the Nurturer, Ketan Raval was a part of this event which was the greatest epitome of Gandhian values. It was indeed a moving experience for nurturers across several regions. The team at LetsNurture took to tweeting about the event by awakening the Gandhian spirit amongst many on the social media forums. It was truly enlightening as it addressed to some of the challenges frequently faced by the entrepreneurs of South Asia.

Birthday Bestowals to Buddies

You all might be aware that birthdays are quite special at LetsNurture. But during Diwali, the celebration of the birthdays double up! This month’s birthday celebrations were quite special as someone special, often addressed as HR, had her birthday on 1st October. One of the most priced assets of LetsNurture, Rupal, who always keeps the bonds between employees stronger and makes them smile was rendered gifts full of love from her team mates. The office was decorated before her arrival and delicious treats were distributed. Needless to say, she couldn’t stop smiling!

Birthday Bestowals to Buddies

Other employees including Krunal, the network guy, Swayam, Ankit and Tushar were also endowed with customized gifts of mugs and t-shirts on their birthdays.

Eat and rejuvenate

Oh yes! That is exactly what we do apart from the hard work that we put into our work! 3Rd October was Dusshera, which is often celebrated to destroy the evil around us by burning the effigy of Ravan. And we obviously do not need reasons to have a feast. The employees of LetsNurture enjoyed the drooling treat of Fafdas and Jalebi.

Eat and rejuvenate

But shedding the calories to keep fit is equally important and therefore the day ended with a rejuvenating yoga session with Kuldip.

Crux meetings for the SEO team

The crux or the core meetings happen at LetsNurture every week in order to appreciate the work accomplished and set the targets for the coming weeks. These meetings play a huge role in enhancing the capability of each employee.

Crux meetings for the SEO team

This month, the crux meetings also took place for the SEO team members wherein they met and discussed various agendas of work in presence of the authorities. The authorities of LetsNurture offered them with insights and suggestions that proved to be quite useful.

Diwali Jubilations

Diwali Jubilations

Now this was the best part of the month as all the employees wearing colourful attires got together and celebrated the anticipation of the upcoming festival. Although we had a long deserved break of 5 days for Diwali, the ambiance at the office was no less than the festival itself!

The artistic teammates carved a beautiful rangoli at the doorstep of the office and distributed sweets amongst themselves. The loyal employees that have been working for more than 2 and 5 years, namely Kalpesh, Manan, Dhaval, Yashpal, Nilesh, Rajal, Jignesh and Pratik were presented with diaries, sweets, attires and other customized gifts. The event ended with a lot of laughter, cheers and a well deserved break for the coming days!

Diwali Celebrations at LetsNurture

New members and new address

New members have joined the family of LetsNurture including Miral  in the iOS team and Pradeep who has joined as a Data Entry operator.

New members and new address

And now comes the real surprise! Since our company has seen a consistent growth in the number of employees, a new office has been set up on the new location which will be joined by the members from the month of December. We can’t wait to see the fresh upholstery, awesome work cabins and beautiful décor that our office will be decked with. All the employees are anticipating the move and are hoping that it happens soon.

If you are looking for a firm where you are not only bound to work but you enjoy your mundane routine, LetsNurture is definitely a good choice. Join our amazing team.


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