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Dec. 12

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pinterest-iconPinterest is a social bookmarking site where users collect and share photos of their favorite events. Pinterest is one the top social bookmarking site which is sending huge amount referral traffic to websites.  Lead marketer and a social media scientist Dan Zarrella has done some research earlier this year and find out how you can get more repinns for your pins ? Here are some useful tips from his studies which can help you get more traffic and repins on your boards.

Descriptions with 300-330 character gets highest number of repins

This can be crucial , if you put right amount of description for your pins, it ll get more repins , may be it will appear more frequently in search option

Most Pinned words

  • Love
  • Home
  • Things
  • Style
  • Ideas
  • Like
  • Places
  • Words
  • Books
  • Stuff
  • Inspiration

Use of these words in your description can get you where you want to go 🙂

Most Repinned Words

  • Recipe
  • Chicken
  • Minute
  • Bake
  • Cake
  • Cut
  • Bottle
  • Step
  • Mix
  • Favorite

these are words which are repinned more often, so you should try to have these words in description or title.

More Likes More repins instead of more comments more repins

unlike facebook edgerank, here likes are more important , more likes can get more repins.

Preferred Image height 800 Pixel00+

Appropriate Image height gets more repins… large pictures are preferred by pinterest audience.
I hope these easy tips will help you do better pinterest marketing for your pins and you can reach to more people.


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