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Oct. 12

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In the past decade business websites have come a long way from just being brochures that point your customers in your direction providing an address and phone number. With the advent of eCommerce and CMS website development are now part of your business processes as points of interaction with customers. Web sites are now channels of distribution and service. The reason behind this is that business from web sites gives greater predictability and better logging as most of the workings are automated.

For industries like hospitality that is an industry of great investment, automating aspects of accounting and reservations can prevent a lot of unnecessary expenses and complications as well as provide better foresight and manageability. That is why we at Lets Nurture have decided to utilize easyReservations WordPress plugin for eCommerce website development to manage services that require reservations. easyReservations WordPress plugin allows you track with a concise and accurate view of your offerings and how they are faring. For your customer it will mean a simple, straightforward and interactive experience.

Reservation slide
Reservation Slide

Features of the Free plugin :

  • Turn Key Reservation System
  • Your customers can see your available resources with the availability calendar widget.
  • Easy Calender Integration
  • Customizable Form
  • Flexible Reservation Table
  • Beautiful styles for all modules of the plugin

The premium offering adds twelve modules with over thirty functions, some of which are really eye catching like PayPal integration, Invoices , Excel Import & Export and multilingual support. With stats showing usage of resources, a graph of your reservations and calculations of your income and averages and fully customizable forms, your business will shine out and you will be in absolute control of it.

Find Installation Guide here : Installing EasyReservation ,if you are premium member you can get extended Modules as well..

LetsNurture is a purveyor of the best technologies in wordpress web-development and takes care that its products provide the best-in class utility. We found this plugin during WordPress Website development of our couple of Hotel/Restaurant Booking Website Projects. Write to us at [email protected].


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