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Nov. 16

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‘Terrible Environmental issues’ is indeed a huge term of debate now-n-then amongst anyone of us. This is actually a huge issue and needs multiple solutions to get rid of the issue. The issue is not about a single city or a country, this issue is a stinging problem for the whole world.

Basically changing the conditions or decreasing pollution is not a cup of tea of a single person’s effort. We all need to take a small step to save our environment and to live a pollution free- green life.

No doubt, government and other bodies are taking steps to improve the environment, but then why not me and you should also give our contribution for our GREEN LIFE.

Can mobile Apps be useful for GREEN life?

Today, every one of us use smartphones. Nowadays, apps and websites are a part of our daily life as it helps us to ease our life and also it saves time. As mobile apps are so useful for almost all purposes, then why can’t they be used for eco-friendliness?

Yes, eco-friendly apps can surely be helpful to decrease the pollution and to save the environment. Many technological giants have so far worked over it and came up with interesting Eco-friendly apps. These eco-friendly apps will surely revolutionize the environmental conditions in nearer future.

So far technical giants have developed an array of mobile apps and websites like Carma Carpooling, iRecycle, Ecoviate, Farmstand, GoodGuide, Oroeco and much more for the climate change and to protect the environment. Ecoviate and Carma Carpooling mainly works on the concept save the environment and get the rewards.

Why should one prefer eco-friendly apps in daily life?

In timelines and news, we often come across the points and mottos like GO GREEN and SAVE ENVIRONMENT. Below are few factors on which apps can for sure help  to protect the environmental pollution:

  • Fuel: Fuel increases the carbon emission and this excess use of fuel has lead to the scarcity of fuel. The application will monitor the carbon emission and will notify you about the services required to increase the fuel efficiency.
  • Electricity: Because of wastage of electricity, many of the regions are still lacking with electricity. Also, the unnecessary use of electricity increases digits of the electricity bills. Appliances using the excess amount of electricity and the regular consumption of electricity of all the appliances will be available in the app. Even the notification to unplug the charger is also available in the mobile app. Eg: iRecycle app tells about the appliances need to be replaced.
  • Water: Water being our basic necessity needs to be saved, else its scarcity will create a condition of drought. Water-based eco-friendly apps notify about the water suppliers regarding the usage of water so that they supply water as per it. The app also helps to monitor the water meter and to figure out the leakage of tapes.
  • Paper and Trees: It is essential to save paper as it will help to save trees. With eco-friendly apps, you can store all the data in your smartphones so it reduces the use of paperwork.

Looking the effectiveness of the eco-friendly apps to protect the environment, it for sure depicts that everyone of us must use such apps in our daily life and take a step ahead to save the environment. Eg: Oroeco is an app which calculates the carbon emission and helps to decrease it.

Final Verdict

LetsNurture, one of the leading IT firms, has worked on numerous app and web development along with IoT Solutions. Looking to the seriousness of the climatic problems, LetsNurture came ahead with three IoT-based solutions to improve environmental conditions.

  1. Smart Plant Management alerts the owner about the excess and lack of water, sunlight, humidity, soil moisture and temperature. So, that owner can do the required changes. This experiment helps the owner to be in regular touch with their plants.
  2. Karconnect (Smart car) and (Smart Parking) are based on the smart solutions to increase the fuel efficiency of the automobile.
  3. Smart Water Management is based on automatically starting to fill and stopping to fill the water tank. This surely decreases the wastage of water.

LetsNurture has efficiently worked on Geo-location based applications, IoT Solutions, On-demand services apps and much more. Let’s connect for your initiative to transform the climatic condition through an eco-friendly app.


Ketan Raval
Posted by Ketan Raval


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