Elements of Design Thinking for Enterprise Mobile App Development


Jun. 17

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By now, every tech savvy individual would have known the impact of mobile app development, either from a user point of view or a vendor’s. While thinking of any successful app developed, there is one thing we would find it hard to imagine is design thinking. The fact states that approximately 77% of the design element is required to make an app a real success considering all the other technical areas are performed properly.

Why Design Thinking is core to Mobile App Development?

The best IT companies know the importance of keeping the UI/ UX at forefront. Delivering a strong mobile user experience is absolutely critical to application design. The appearance of a mobile application is important but design thinking is much more than that. It is important to understand the empathy factor with the users. Ideo, a global design agency, defines Design Thinking as a human-centered approach to innovation that draws from the designer’s toolkit to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology and the requirements for business success.

Building a better Mobile User Experience

Now that we have seen in a nutshell why the design thinking is important, the IT professionals also should think about bridging the gaps between the enterprises and end users with it. One of the most attractive element in User Experience is when a user feels that the icon is real. It should tell the story behind the shadows. It is also how developers, designers or IT professionals should think while building enterprise mobile apps. They should actively work with users to understand their needs. Design thinking focuses on this element by developing deep empathy for the users and create solutions that address their needs.

Understand your Users

User research is the primary factor behind the success of your mobile app development project for any enterprise. For any enterprise, it is impossible to provide services in the most effective way without any knowledge of user’s actual needs. The quicker you understand, the better quality you can deliver to your users. There are no predefined set of rules to follow when it comes to design thinking.

User research helps to gain deep insights into consumer behaviour while adjusting for unique elements of your product and user. There is always a chance during user research that your design thinking may change quickly, yet the goal remains the same. However, this requires an adaptability to change the designs if required in order to increase the chances of your app to be a successful one.

Micro App Design and Development for Enterprises

Chat feature of Facebook App
micro app design for enterprise

With the information gathered by user interactions, organizations should work on building Micro Apps to know the success of one functionality. For instance, Facebook messenger is nothing but a chat feature of Facebook App.

This allows the users to use it directly for chat purpose without any need of navigating on Facebook. Micro app concept for mobile app development holds great significance for the enterprise mobility strategies. We have to think that users are always in a hurry. The big factors for any large app failure are App performance issues, long load times, long registration process and difficult and time consuming features. Micro apps allow developers to build highly targeted apps in a short time that provides easy access to the targeted users.

By focusing on what the user needs, organizations can eliminate application bloat, drive mobile app adoption and get greater business value out of enterprise mobility.

Design thinking allows enterprises to understand the problems and find solutions based on day-to-day experiences,the pain points of the humans and coming up with solutions using the latest and the greatest technologies

At LetsNurture, we understand every aspect that is important to every stage of mobile application development project, whether for a large enterprise or a startup. If you have any ideas that you want to design and turn into a reality, get in touch with us.


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