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Email Marketing Makeover for effective marketing


Nov. 12

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Before 3-5 years E-mail Marketing was on the verge of end, marketers were not getting enough conversion from email marketing. There was a time where email marketing was not being considered prime tool for customer prospecting or brand building for Small and Medium Enterprises.Things are changed now, Email Campaigns are part of each and every digital marketing strategy.

Recently if you have noticed email marketing is now enjoying makeover, traditional e-mail blasting is disappearing but gradual subscriber base email marketing is increasing.  Intelligent companies are not purchasing e-mail list but they are busy in increasing subscriber base. All thanks to Inbound Marketing, Now inbound marketing is considered as a real tool and it is all about “helping your community” if you try to help your potential customer to achieve what they want, it will create positive synergy towards your brand. Earlier email marketing was not considered for customer prospecting or for Brand Management but now it is..

I am here providing some examples derived directly from my inbox which will tell you that big brands are giving significance importance to e-mail marketing for customer engagement.

Twitter Stories & Twitter Suggestions on Email

My usual habit is not to check much privacy settings when you love product, I am not sure twitter has any way to stop these emails but at this moment I am enjoying email campaigns from Twitter..

twitter top story email campaign
twitter top story email campaign

And Twitter Follower Suggestions here:

Twitter Follower Suggestions
Twitter Follower Suggestions

Quora Weekly Digest

I am a fan of Quora , it gives me a lot of knowledge of various things.. ( not only technical) Quora also uses email very effectively to drive user engagement on site.

Quora Weekly Digest
Quora Weekly Digest

How Can we forget Linkedin?

if any company which has made makeover in recent year , that is linkedin, Linkedin has made social recruitment possible, Linkedin has bridged gap between professionals. And Linkedin is using User’s Email as a best marketing tool for themselves.. Every tiny little digital marketing effort is reflected on email campaign.

linkedin endorsement
linkedin endorsement

Network Updates on Email

Network Updates on Email
Network Updates on Email

Customer Engagement via Email Marketing

Yes, Customer Engagement surely increased with email marketing , It is now giving very good return on investment. Even if I do not have much time I spend time to go through some emails .

Email Marketing By Freebies or Call to Action

If you offer me a free monthly subscription for service I am interested in, I will definitely subscribe to your product or services with accepting all your agreements. Offer some free e-book , research paper etc it will increase your subscriber ratio for sure.

Email Marketing By New Offers / News / Company Updates

We are now living in the age where everyone wants to know first and share first, so if you are spreading industry specific news people will love to have your email..

Earlier People were not taking leverage of their existing customer base but they were busy in targeting new customers. Now paradigm is shifted , existing customer can easily enroll for your new service because they are already with you and you have trust level.

These are some random thoughts on E-Mail Marketing Makeover that we show in last few years and it seems now email marketing will play a big role Marketing Plan.

What is your take in email marketing makeover? Write your thoughts to us at [email protected].


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