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Sep. 16

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Fishing is a fun and sport. It doesn’t matter if you are alone or with family, fishing can be equally intriguing anyways. It is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, have some fun, and catch a tasty meal. Most people learn this sport from someone in family who is an experienced angler. And once you know about fishing, I bet you can’t stop having it.

Fishing is Passion

Most of us fish our own nearby shores most of the time while there are few real enthusiasts who would travel down to pacific to catch a fish. They treat their catch as their trophies and flaunt it in their own way. The most tedious part is to know where are the fishes currently pondering over. Somehow tips from few people who are part of local fishing club comes out handy but its reliability remains questionable because you don’t know who is expert and who is not?

I always wondered how can technology become an aid to someone who is up for fishing? I soon realised that it is this part of finding the right place for catching a fish where technology can play the lead. We have Google Maps to tell us where is which ATM or Eatery, but there is nothing such to help us through fishing.

Fishing Apps – Community of Fishing Lovers

Having a community of fishing fans that discusses over the new fishing tools and equipment, fishing spots, species, trends, etc. In those old golden days, pubs and clubs use to be the perfect hangout for people to discuss this stuff but now things have changed as they hardly get time to do so. Whatever little that is done is on social networks.

Then why not fishing apps? A mobile application that connects the fishing lovers together. Isn’t it great to get to know more about fishing and stuff through different people from around the globe and learn new things.

Features that play along

Posting Photos : Imagine someone bragging about the big fish caught just over somewhere and everyone talking about it.

Sharing Location : Sharing GPS location with details like types of fishes available, other sights and advantages of place. Check exact catch position shared by fellow anglers.

Weather : Weather updates like wind speed, rains, etc as per your location that can help you plan your fishing expedition.

User Profile : Log your catches while simultaneously contributing the world’s largest database of catches.

News Feed : Tap into the news feed to see what’s been caught in your area and see statistics on thousands of fish species and baits.

Get Followed : Get followed by your fishing friends and access a vast community of anglers.  

Isn’t it a cool way to join the community of anglers, contributing to it and at same time benefiting from it. This solution would be a global social network and mobile application for Sport Fishing.

If you think this can be a great way to bind and aid anglers community then we can help you. LetsNurture has been providing various mobile and web development solutions to various fields around the world. We had also developed fishing apps for a fishing competition which was aimed at measuring the size of fish and ascertaining the winner. So don’t think much, just send us your query and we shall respond with the best solution.


Ketan Raval
Posted by Ketan Raval


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