Going Green With Lets Nurture


Feb. 13

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Lets Nurture is always on the drive to make a difference for the better in the world. That is why we
conduct various charitable events like donations and clothes donations. Now we are taking measures to
reduce our impact on the environment.

When we are a digital marketing firm in a digital age where everything is managed electronically to use
paper based systems is not very eco-friendly. That is why our recruitment process will no longer have
written examinations. All tests will be taken online from now onwards on our portal. This move itself will
cut down our carbon footprint substantially now that we are preventing wastage of paper and by saving
you the trip to our office.

We are always trying to digitize all processes within our organization and reduce our impact on the
environment; be it reducing the paper usage in our organization or developing eco-friendly low power
consuming websites.

Lets Nurture is trying to nurture the planet back to health. Are you?

Here is a sample of our test papers.Try cracking it.test paper


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