A Guide to Mobile App Development Process


Jun. 17

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You have a brilliant idea for developing mobile apps, now what? Many of the entrepreneurs are still not clear about the mobile app development process. The app development process should be clear enough before you opt to hire dedicated app developers for your idea.

In 2016, there were 2.6 million apps available on the Google play store, and 2.2 million mobile apps available in the Apple store.

The development of these millions of apps has gone through a lot of thinking and planning. It is important to understand the development process and strategize accordingly.

Few questions you need to be clear about before moving with app development process

The key step is that ‘flash of insight’, the idea. Once an entrepreneur has an idea we recommend they compile details by answering some of the following questions.

  • What platform should the app be on:
    • iOS (iPhone – iPad – iWatch)
    • Android
    • Cross platform
  • Will it be static or will it have new content added on a regular basis?
  • What key features would you like to have in your mobile app?
  • Will it link to Social Media Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others?
  • Does it require 2D or 3D animations?
  • Does your mobile app need connections to backend databases?There are other important questions to be answered in order to get your app development process to be butter like. One of the essential factor to consider is budget. As you might suspect the more complex an app is the more it will cost to build.But apps offering more functionality also have the potential to offer higher returns. It’s important to have realistic budget goals when heading to product development.

Mobile app development process at LetsNurture in a nutshell

  • When a client reaches out to us we introduce them our services. A formal estimate then put together and presented to the client. Clients can either accept the cost or make adjustments to the functionality in order to better fit the budget they had in mind.
  • The first step after understanding their requirements and their confirmation of hiring dedicated team from us is to sign an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) which protects the client’s idea. We understand how important intellectual property is.
  • Upon reaching an agreement everything gets spilled out on a detailed statement of work, the cost for each portion of the development are laid out so a client can see where resources are being allocated.
  • The actual programming is assigned to expert developers as per client’s choice of operating systems. Our project managers and account managers keep in touch with the clients and give them updates at certain milestones like UI design and initial builds.

Meanwhile, our QA team constantly test the app to make sure the app is functioning as expected. And the throughputs are aligned simultaneously to abbreviate any hassles.

The project managers constantly engage with the clients on platforms like JIRA and GIT to understand the requirements and necessary changes. Video calls, conference calls and virtual meetings are a fundamental part of our mobile development process.

When the mobile app is ready to launch, we celebrate! But before the celebrations, we ensure to work closely with the client to submit and list the app to the respective app stores. The client owns all the rights to any app we build. If it’s a paid app supported by ads or if there are in-app purchases all that profit bags into the client’s account.

Reach us to know more

LetsNurture is a leading IT company that follows ethical business process. Having expertise in website development, mobile app development, game development and IoT based solutions, we ensure our clients, quality results. With top-notch solutions to foster your requirements, we guide you through the whole process and support thoroughly throughout the development process.

Contact us to share your thoughts on your mobile app idea. Write to us at [email protected].


Ketan Raval
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