Improve efficiency and standardize the quality of care with our custom healthcare app development solutions.

Over the last decade, Let’s Nurture has worked on numerous pioneering remote monitoring, telehealth, and smart diagnostic systems, that have helped clients overcome major operational challenges, especially in situations where direct contact is impossible or detrimental, as the current pandemic.

Smart Healthcare Solutions

Applications created by our healthcare app experts are aimed at giving providers the solutions to their business problems and optimizing the existing processes in the healthcare sector.

For End-Users

  • Digitization of hospital processes & health records

    PHR access, symptom checkers, electronic chart review, review of laboratory test results, ePROs, CRM systems, interoffice communication, employee management, performance, and training

  • Assistance in Diagnosis

    Telehealth services, remote health monitoring, ECG viewer, MedCheck Devices

  • Reminders & Alerts

    Prescription and appointment management, To-do List

For Businesses

  • Hospital Management System

  • Supply chain Management System

  • Deep Analytics

  • Hi-Tech Medical Device Integration

  • Long term patient care management

  • Video streaming

  • IoT Based Smart Solutions

Our Healthcare App Development Portfolio

School Bus/Ward Tracking


A Health and Fitness Tracking Application

REVITA5 is a health and fitness tracker application that leverages the power of heart rate variability to reduce stress, transform your body & REVITAlize your life.



We contributed to the development of mobile (Android, iOS) and web-based personal wellness tracking solution REVITA5, which has a cutting edge heart rate variability tool, BLE based heart rate sensor which is attached to a chest strap and helps the users to keep a track of their daily vitality scores.

Asset Tracking


Bring Healthcare diagnostics Home



MedCheck is an IoT based healthcare diagnostic solution. The App connects wirelessly to diagnostic devices such as Blood Pressure Monitor, Blood Glucose Monitor, Body Scale, ECG, and SpO2 monitor, and Thermometer. You can see a history of all your readings and of your family members, in easy-to-understand graphs and filters.

In a nutshell, the app provides integrated diagnostic and teleconsultation solutions to enterprises and home users.

Fleet tracking & Management

FirstDay Healthcare

Real-time health tracking Android/iOS app for Infants



Newborn infants with health issues are remotely monitored 24/7, using implanted vital trackers, sending real-time tracking data to secure mobile apps. Parents can pose inquiries and questions about the baby's health.

It has remote patient monitoring, predictive analytics, parent smartphone app, virtual healthcare, care coordination. AI predictive analytics and intuitive records to continuously track the changes in infants’ heart rates, composite risk score analyzes and different health pattern monitoring.



Patients care app with Bluetooth enabled medical devices



The Nextec app is an IoT based solution with Bluetooth enabled medical devices. Through this app, users can get in touch with doctors to get online consultation. Users can share their readings with consulting doctors and can get detailed and proper assistance. Doctors can check the readings of their patients and can share updates regarding the precautions and cure that is needed to be done at the patient’s end. The special feature about this app is it reminds the patients to take the medical test for their pending measurement in the form of notification. Through this app, the Doctors can remote consult in three formats Text, Audio call, and Video call.

CImA  Vaccine Reminder app

CImA Vaccine Reminder app

Vaccination reminder app for new parents



This app allows parents to document the immunization records of their children, In accordance with the Jordanian health ministry guidelines. Vaccine Reminder app reminds parents about the vaccination dates on time with an alert notification. It includes reminders for the parents prior to the appointment of each dose. Also, it shows an overview of the vaccination Schedule with color coding for easy identification (red, orange, and green). The application allows recording information in English and Arabic (in an interchangeable fashion).

This vaccine reminder app has some extraordinary features like growth analysis, health advertising, and nutrition guide.

Healthcare technology development services by Let’s Nurture


Mobile-Friendly mHealth-Solution


Hospital Information System (HIS) including NIS, LIS, RIS


Automated Appointment System


E-Prescription, Decision Making System for Physicians


Software with HIPAA compliance


EHR and PHR software


Integration of Third-Party Medical Software (such as medical pharmacopeia) into existing healthcare systems


Business intelligence software for healthcare


ERP software solution in healthcare


Greater assistance in medical education digital solution

We Build Healthcare software for your needs

Robust Security

Protect every bite of data and comply with health-care safety standards (HIPAA, ISO, CIS)

Optimized workflows

Manage patients, and get insurance payouts for better service with local programs.

Seamless data exchange

Cloud synchronization of data, department sharing, integration with any third-party program.

Clear reporting

Know what happens with dynamic reports and analytical data in every department.

Clean interface

End targets can be accomplished in a few clicks without wasting time and thousands of dollars in personnel training.

Business-oriented approach

No extra expenses to set up everything, we construct software tailored to your processes.

Healthcare Applications can be developed on


Healthcare solutions on the Web platform are used to optimize the processes at hospitals specifically related to critical care. Our highly talented web developers are able to provide web solutions to minimize the necessary manual intervention.


Healthcare app solutions for iOS and Android are convenient choices for both patients and healthcare professionals as they enable information availability everywhere. Our healthcare app developers have the capability to create simple and unique mobile-first experiences, with advanced security, in line with HIPAA/PIPEDA guidelines.


Healthcare wearables and fitness trackers allow you to set your own fitness goals. as a result of these wearables gives you fast and meaningful information like heart rate monitor, daily burned calories, and moment reminders. Our expert developers always take care of user experience and give you an enhanced experience.

Why mobile solutions for health organizations?

In the connected world of today, healthcare enterprises are expected to provide anytime anywhere access, to both doctors & patients. The availability of data in real-time can save millions of lives. Mobile technology is already a must-have, across the entire healthcare industry. Hence a pro-active enterprise requires being able to provide swift and advanced technology solutions in diagnosing, managing, and automating parts of patient care.


Remote patients care

Mobile Apps to enable remote live monitoring of location, vitals, and other parameters for doctors & support staff.


Patients privacy

Healthcare software solutions that are compliant with GDPR, IEC 62304, and other regulations. As well, we actively research HIPAA compliance.


Manpower optimisation

Leveraging technology to automate data entry and other repetitive actions, in order to optimise operational expenses on staffing.


Data Security

Encryption of data in transit and in storage, with multi level user authentication, to ensure proper security compliance.


IoT Technology

Smart devices connected to a central processing system, allowing for automated diagnosis of critical health parameters.


Custom Product development

  • Full scale scoping, ideation and development of new concepts, or automation of existing processes. Our team has extensive experience in building secure integrated systems for insurance companies, Hospitals & long term care hospices.

Hire Healthcare App Developers

  • Hire healthcare app developers from Let’s Nurture for ongoing management and upgrades of your existing IT infrastructure. We have teams available for full time, part-time, or one-time deployment.

Technology Stack we use in Healthcare app development

We use the industries-leading technologies to build super solid, robust and Secure solutions.

Apple health records
Apple health records

Why choose Let’s Nurture for Healthcare App development?

With our diverse experience in self-care, remote diagnostics & telemedicine concepts, you can rest assured about the value addition we bring to the table.

  • Competitor research and testing.
  • Expertise in developing various security and restrictive usage enablement apps.
  • Relevant consultation on strategic features and their development.
  • Diverse experience with Hardware integrations
  • Knowledge and understanding of HIPAA/PIPEDA constraints & regulations
  • Highly effective QA practices.
  • Free consultation regarding process optimization & growth plans
  • Expertise in digital marketing for healthcare products


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