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Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality will cross $150 Billion in Revenue by 2020- Techcrunch

Hire AR/VR Developers (full-time or part-time) from a leading Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Applications Development Company who creates and delivers whole new dimension to experience excellence digitally.

AR/VR Application development

Isn’t it amazing if you can get the hands on experience to be on the stage with your favourite rock band or to be on the pitch with your favourite sports athlete- all of it with you being seated in the same chair?

Hire AR/VR developers from Let’s Nurture, who follow All-Round approach to develop 360-degree video streaming systems. The world is moving towards AR and VR technology and if your business does not have thought of implementing them, reconsider it. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality is the FUTURE of technology innovations which have completely transformed the face of marketing campaigns for an array of industry domains.

With expertise in providing AR/VR solutions, our developers add value to the ‘web’ world by providing end-to-end Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality Solutions. From a sci-fi daydream to a game changing business tool, AR/ VR technology is simply a revolution. Hire AR/VR developers from Let’s Nurture who are masters in customized AR/VR development using cutting edge technologies like Machine Learning (ML), sensors, Unity 3D, computer vision algorithm for 3D mapping, 3D modelling of virtual environment, 3D virtual object manipulation, intelligent object recognition, face detection and recognition along with gender, age and emotions recognition.

Engagement Models to Hire AR/VR Developers

Being a leading ISO 9001:2015 certified offshore Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) applications development company, having offices in USA, Canada, UK, Singapore and Australia, Let’s Nurture is helping ambitious companies integrate AR/VR technology into their product mix, employee training programs and brand promotion plans. Our flexible engagement models compliment and serve the purpose perfectly.

HIGHLIGHTS Hourly Part Time Full Time Dedicated
Resource effort 4 hours/day 4 hours/day 8 hours/day
Resource allocation Shared Shared/Dedicated Dedicated
Support Chat/Email/VoIP Chat/ Email, VoIP Chat, Email, VoIP
Working Days 5 days/week 5 days/week 5 days/week
Min. Hiring Term 40 hours/month 80 hours/month 160 hours/month
Billing Cycle Weekly advance Bi-Weekly advance Monthly advance
Reporting Upon completion Daily/Weekly Daily

Let’s Nurture also offers staff augmentation services which allows our clients much needed flexibility to have the overall control over the AR/VR development projects. It also allows us to communicate and deliver the end-to-end augmented reality and virtual reality solutions in the best way possible.

Engagement Model

Custom Php development

Onsite Staffing

Onsite staffing services for dedicated AR/VR developers to clients and companies within the same geographical border to fill gaps in development cycle by frequent onsite visits or full-time presence at your place.

PHP based cms development

Nearshore Staffing

We offer staffing services for dedicated AR/VR developers in countries like US, Canada, India, Singapore and Middle East for regular review meetings, system deployment or ongoing IT project development.

E-commerce development

Offshore Staffing

Hire AR/VR developers to bring them at our offshore development center (ODC). We have client-oriented process in which our project managers will keep you in loop in all communication channels with timely reporting.

Full Stack Augmented Reality (AR)/ Virtual Reality (VR) Development Services

Hire AR/VR developers and expert consultants who understand the business needs perfectly and provide innovative application development ideas to boost your brand recognition with high performing, productive and engaging AR/VR applications. Our AR/VR developers are well versed with Reality Matrix built around four segments Virtual, Augmented, Immersive and Ambient. We explored Google Glass, Oculus Rift and LEAP Motion Controller long before the first AR and VR project came along.

Expert AR/VR Consultation

AR/VR Application Design & 2D-3D Modelling

AR/VR Apps for Android, iOS, Windows

E-commerce development

Location based AR App Development

Custom Php development

AR/VR Game Development

PHP based cms development

AR/VR Ecommerce Integration

E-commerce development

Recognition based AR/VR Applications

E-commerce development

AR/VR App Maintenance & Support

Technology Expertise of Developers

PHP based cms development


E-commerce development


E-commerce development


Custom Php development


AR/VR Applications for various Industries

Leveraging AR/VR technology, our developers give businesses much needed potential to edge out competitors by custom, scalable, dynamic and secure solutions with quality beyond expectations. Our tech savvy AR/VR consultants tend to understand the business well before jumping to the ideation and implementation phase to meet the exact business needs.

Gaming Media and Entertainment

We develop 360 degree live video streaming systems for broadcasting along with AR/VR video games. Augmented and Virtual Reality development help in providing on-screen metadata for live TV shows and VR movies with full presence effect.


AR technology helps in superimposing CT or MRI scans in the form of 3D images on a patient’s body to improve diagnostic process. VR powered therapy rooms and OTs can provide a safe environment for doctors to practice.

Manufacturing and Design

Using AR/VR imaging, animated 3D images are superimposed on a subject, that may be an equipment, to let users perform more effectively. AR/VR also helps car manufacturers in creating cost effective prototypes.


Virtual Reality helps in virtual product placements during live broadcasting and also showcase products like cars, furniture or even properties in Holorooms. Best use would be to market your product using VR technology in exhibitions. People love it.


AR powered kiosks offer immersive buyers experience and in-store navigation for shops and experience. AR/VR technology helps in offering innovative virtual dressing rooms for online shopping and Magic Mirror aka Smart Mirror for physical stores.


AR/VR technology helps in improving athletes performance and training sessions using on screen infographics and personalized metadata. Augmented and Virtual Reality also help in enhancing viewer’s experience like never before.

Real Estate

Virtual tours are always a welcoming experience for the potential buyers- thanks to the innovation of Virtual Reality technology. We also develop VR applications which can be a great help for architects and interior designers.

Education and Training

AR/VR application solutions can be helpful to scientific experiments and learning. Virtual 3D models can be implemented in learning, be it history or atomic particles. Simulations can be used for emergency training to serving communities.

Why choose Let’s Nurture to Hire Dedicated AR/VR Developers?

We understand customers need and expectations, comprising highly-qualified AR Developers who leave no stone unturned to deliver the best app as per your branding needs. Hire AR/VR developers who can deliver high performing and best-in-class applications which will enhance user experience and can add value to your business.

Technical Expertise

Our AR developers are experts in working on platform like Vuforia, Google Tango, Windows Holographic APIs, ARKit, ARCore. VR developers have delivered application working with Oculus Platform, OpenVR and WebVR.

Free Expert Consultation

Our AR/VR experts provide FREE consultation to understand and deliver thoughts before development cycle starts. This is to ensure to deliver right app solutions as per client needs.

Hire Team of YOUR Choice

No AR/VR developer would be assigned without your prior approval. Our flexible engagement models will give you authority to get new apps developed in less time with quick team scaling.

NDA & Security

We adhere to strict NC/ NDAs for all client projects. Our systems are enabled with advanced security parameters with CCTV surveillance to secure information of your AR/VR project.

Source Code Ownership

IP ownership of the entire project remains with you from the day we start the engagement. Our contracts lay this out specifically to assuage concerns regarding eventual ownership.

Reporting & Communication

We provide reporting on daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly basis and update progress report on shared account on platforms like Zoho, JIRA, Slack with emails, Skype and UberConference.

QA Testing

We conduct Extensive QA rounds to address all aspects of system performance Vis-à-vis.

Maintenance & Support

Once the project is delivered, we provide free technical support up to 3 months. We adopt on all the communication forums for staying connected through emails and Skype.

End-to-end Services

We provide end-to-end AR/VR development services regarding consulting, strategic development and UI/UX design, AR/VR testing, delivery and deployment.

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Frequently Asked Questions :)

How can AR/VR development add more value to my Business?

Augmented reality apps for business surprise your customers and create a necessary buzz to something your competitors don’t have yet. Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality will cross $150 Billion in Revenue by 2020 according to the report of Techcrunch and people are loving it. This is time you should be thinking of implementing these technologies in your existing apps or app idea. It is something where the future lies.

What steps I should follow to Hire a dedicated/part-time AR/VR developer from you?

  • First of all - you should gather all the task for the developer which you want them to do for you.
  • Based on the chosen developer and technology, finalize the agreement with sales team.
  • Upon your confirmation, we will setup everything, and connect you & developer.

Would I have the complete control over Project Development cycle if I hire AR/VR development team?

Yes. With “Hire a team” model, you will have a direct access to our AR/VR development team. This business model is most advisable for CTO/ technical people and enterprise level firms who wants the constant changes in the system.

What if I am not satisfied with the dedicated AR/VR developer performance? Will you replace?

Of course, we will have a look instantly and will provide you another developer along with having a conference with you in details to meet your expectations with utmost transparency.

What is way to monitor and communicate the development of project with AR/VR developer hired?

We provide reporting on daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly basis and update progress report on shared account on platforms like Zoho, JIRA, Slack with emails, Skype and UberConference.


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