HomeKit Integration: The Ultimate Guide for Home Automation


Nov. 16

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Today with IoT solutions we are able to manage almost everything from our mobile phones. IoT solutions make it possible to get most things done in an intelligent way to get the work done faster and that too in a smarter way. Isn’t this all amazing? If we can manage multiple things just from our smartphones then why can’t our home too?

Yes, of course, many tech giants came up with the Home Automation solutions to make our home smarter. It’s not only for Android app development but also for the iPhone Application development. A few months back Apple launched of iOS10 came up with multiple outstanding features to ease the life. One of them is the feature of HomeKit Integration which is purely based on Home apps. Let us discuss how iOS10 Homekit helps to make a smarter home.

Apple nailed it by making possible the home automation even through remote locations. It will connect all of home-based IoT gadgets together into a simple interface. Like, to change colour rooms as per your mood or to spread fragrance in the room when you enter, indeed an acute tech way. Along with this much more is possible by integrating Homekit Integration in electronic devices to generate its communication with iPhone and iPad apps.

About HomeKit 

Homekit is the framework used for home automation. Manufacturer integrates it to products like lights, fans, sensors, locks, speakers and much more with the iphones and ipads. The best part is by integrating this, the products are more secure, safe and easier to use. All above this, with Homekit integration accessories, can be triggered with Siri too. It’s this most amazing!

Homekit alerts and control are accessible through Control Centers. So if the iPhone apps are configured accordingly, then a user will be able to view alerts and manage the home automation based right from the lock screen.

Home Automation is possible even from Remote Places

Isn’t this surprising? But yes it is true. If you are not in your home, still you can on/off the devices through Siri. Homekit is not limited to a personal wifi network like in iOS8, it has no boundaries. You can also manage your home devices with the Apple TV which  in combination with your Apple ID  gives your iPhone or iPad a way to securely talk to your HomeKit devices even when you’re outside the house.  This makes the Home Automation possible.

ShortComing updates of HomeKit Integration

Along with many outstanding updates of HomeKit, Apple assures to soon come up with others to enhance the techniques of home automation. In the nearer future, apple will come up with the following updates for HomeKit Integration:

  • Video based
  • Beacons
  • Geo-fencing

With such features in HomeKit Integration, security and the use of Home Automation App will boost to the next level in the nearer future.

LetsNurture owes to match the steps with the upcoming technologies. So, far it has worked on iPhone and iPad app development and also on IoT Solutions to make the things smarter. If you are looking for a similar home solution, then do contact us today. We assure you that we will surely fulfill your expectations and come up with a mind-blowing solution for your requirements.


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