How Tech in Classrooms is changing the paradigm of imparting education?


Aug. 19

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Technology has changed the way students learn. With interactive and virtual learning ways, it is easier to understand and grasp things. Technology has also made a huge impact on the educational ecosystem of Australia. In fact, there has been a major change in Australian Edtech industry over the years. According to a recent estimate, Australian Edtech market is expected to grow by 1.7 billion dollars by 2022.

The market will grow its base as the demand for technology is increasing by the day. According to Edtech figures, 24% estimate caters to primary schools, 14% to early childhood skills and 4.8% to language learning. 32% estimate is for secondary schools and 25% for universities. 18% is for vocational and 14% for corporate. More than 15 % of Australian startups are now targeting educational industries.

The expected growth

Australia’s reputation in delivering quality education has been recognized globally. This has been translated to Edtech industry as well. Australia is the third most popular destination for students from all over the world.

Australia’s third-largest export is in education and it is valued at 28 billion dollars. There’ll be more opportunities and the demand will only increase with Edtech in the coming time. By 2025, more than one million prospective learners will use Edtech concepts for learning.

Will it affect the students?

Most parents believe that too much of Technology harms the children. Well, this can be true to an extent. But, it’s also true with technology, students are learning things in a better way. Students and children use gadgets for interactive games and other features.

Imparting education through the use of technology and gadgets will only do good. The only thing to consider is the use of gadgets. Too much of anything can harm. So, the use of gadgets for studies should also be according to the need of students. Most students use iPads and tablets in the school. If the time is restricted to only the need, it’ll have a positive impact for sure.

The skills on the test

Education and teaching ways have surely changed. The teaching ways are not the same as it used to be a decade ago. Most parents believe that screen time is doing more harm than good to their children. But, this isn’t true. Screen time for learning is helping them do better. Children of the 21st century don’t understand slow learning ways as they are habituated to technology and gadgets.

This has made way to new systems in classrooms where learning has made way through gadgets. The demand for learning through technology has opened new ways for students to help them understand in a better way. Even students who are slow learners have benefited from the use of gadgets in schools.
There is no long term risk evidence through gadgets. It is easy to understand the concepts through gadgets and technology. Though the longer screen time can affect students and cause problems to the eyes.

If the time is restricted, there’ll be no issue in using the gadgets. Classroom learning is also restricted to screen time. If there is a particular program dedicated to student learning and set time, there is no issue in using the gadgets in the classroom. Tech in the classroom has also changed the way children of low-income group study. They also use gadgets for learning and so it benefits them as well.

Benefits of using Tech in the classroom

  • It improves engagement

    When technology makes way to classroom learning, students get more inclined towards subjects. They engage in a better way with teachers and interact more. Learning is more fun for students. Through classroom learning, a student will enjoy studying with a virtual gaming process rather than reading from a book. Better engagement makes sure that there is active participation in the classroom.

  • It helps in individual learning

    Some students are fast learners and some are slow learners. With classroom learning ways, students can learn at their speed. If they do not understand something, they can watch the lesson twice. Classroom learning provides more opportunities for students who are slow learners or disabled students. It gives complete access to resources that help them to study at their own pace.

  • It helps to collaborate

    Students can collaborate using different online activities through the use of technology. It helps them to work on different projects that help them to know about different educational forums. The virtual learning environment helps to improve the natural skills. Students can also share their knowledge with other virtual classrooms through technology.

  • It helps in skill learning

    Tech in classrooms can help students to learn new skills, unlike traditional learning methods. It helps them in solving complex problems, improve concentration and increase productivity. It helps them to develop practical skills and enhance their creative skills through learning. They can use online resources to study well.

    Australia has more than 350 Edtech companies that cater to the entire education ecosystem. There has been a considerable change in paradigm in imparting education to students through technology. In the coming years, this is going to only get better with new updates in classroom technology.

    With the Alexa Skill Development and API Technology, Learning companies can use Alexa to enhance teaching and learning experience. With the skills, it becomes easier to find course material information. Integration with the smart classroom can help teachers and instructors to turn on full classroom control and lecture capacity as well.

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