How to manage remote project teams effectively


Apr. 20

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Remote work is a working style that permits experts to work outside of a conventional office condition. It depends on the idea that work shouldn’t be done in a particular spot to be executed effectively.

As per the Remote Work Report, “42% of individuals who are 100% remote said they have been working remotely for over 5 years. 28% said they have been working remotely for 3 to 5 years. … What’s more, 11% said they had been working remotely for not exactly a year

Five top tips on how to manage remote project teams effectively

Put the groundwork/infrastructure in place

Prior to plunging straight into a venture, ensure your team completely comprehends the issue and what it is they are attempting to accomplish. The whole team should understand the goals and the objectives of the project, even if they are only involved in a small part of it. It is fundamental to have a primer gathering, regardless of whether it’s by a phone call or if conceivable, face to face, to build up the course of events, targets, vision and task desires.
The undertaking would then be able to be separated, with each colleague understanding the part they play.

Promote frequent communication

Project managers working with remote teams can’t just walk around to a work area or office to examine the status of a task, however, it’s despite everything down to the task supervisor to advance liquid correspondence
Whether it’s instant messaging, conference calls or the trusty old phone, there are all that could possibly be needed ways for a project manager to stay in contact with their group. Only a brief period and vitality can give important criticism to make changes and upgrades, increase team motivation and communicate updates.

Hold team members accountable

Some remote team members may feel they can get away without working as hard as they would in the office, so you must consider them responsible for their work. This is probably the best test for a task director. Building up jobs and duties inside the group, just as cutoff times for specific errands to be finished, is one approach to guarantee everybody sees how their work impacts different individuals from the group, it is also useful to assign a team leader who can communicate deadlines and help keep your team in check.

Maintain project visibility

It is a lot simpler for work to become dis-composed when working with remote groups. While your team’s physical location may vary, the project still needs to be visible to all, throughout the project economy. To ensure project visibility use project management software to make a focal and completely open area for your undertaking that is unmistakable to the whole group and that everybody can get to. Shared spaces along with social updates improve visibility, communication and drive collaboration, drive cooperation, and archives and data can be shared online over different groups and areas.

Project status tracking and status reporting

There are many cloud-based tools that give remote teams around the globe the ability to communicate, track, collaborate, report project status, share files, video chat, and do all of the regular face-to-face activities required, Many undertaking portfolio the board (PPM) arrangements like Changepoint, and task the executives’ instruments including Trello, and Wrike, likewise offer applications to encourage in a hurry exercises to enable remote teams to get their activities finished on time from anyplace and from any gadget.

Trust the People You Hire

Whether it’s an outsourced team or company employees working remotely, you have to ingrain trust in your task group. As an undertaking administrator, on the off chance that you start with a solid, committed group you have just won a large portion of the fight. You can’t keep an eye on colleagues, so you need to work with people who are propelled and proactive in nature, and not the individuals who need consistent direction to satisfy their job.

Best practices for managing remote teams effectively

Work on team bonding

When working with remote teams, you can’t have that washroom meeting and converse with one another or assemble around the water cooler to know one another or enjoy the happy hours after office. So, to have the team bonding you need to stay connected with your team.

Have regular one-on-one

Since you are working remotely with your teams, you won’t have the minutes to discuss issues. Along these lines, give more opportunity to workers for one on ones, give them an opportunity to get in touch with you on Skype or some other application without conflict of time zones. Continuously turn your accessibility on to as your workers will have no clue when your entryway is open really. Allow them one day in seven days for a one-on-one to examine their issues and you can give them your directions. This will cover different significant subjects of conversations in view of not being only present in the workplace.

Find Ways To Encourage Team Morale

You unite a gathering of individuals who are frequently in various areas, time zones or nations and anticipate that they should function admirably together to arrive at venture objectives. While it’s reasonable to expect that you’ve likely searched for individuals who are a perfect fit for a remote situation, don’t disregard the way that it’s dependent upon the board to make the correct sort of air for them to flourish.

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