iHealth Align: Check Your Glucose Levels through Your Android and iOS Phone’s Jack!


Jan. 15

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Maintaining glucose levels up to the required standards might be tough task for people suffering from diabetes. If you are below 50, your glucose must be less than 150 mg/dl. A person who is visiting the doctor to check the levels, might spend hours to take a report. Isn’t it a waste of time? Because the glucose level tests can be now done with an iHealth Align, smartphone and Health app. That sounds really great!


iHealth Align was unveiled at CES 2015 and won  ‘Best of Innovations’ award too. The firm iHealth Labs has released many devices such as wireless blood pressure wrist monitor, blood pressure dock, iHealth Lite, iHealth Edge, wireless smart gluco-monitoring system etc. to track different functionalities of your bodies but iHealth Align is something special to use it.


How to use iHealth Align?

Now let’s see how this device actually works. But before that install iHealth Gluco-Smart App on your smartphone.


Connect iHealth Align to your Phone

Connect iHealth Align to your Phone

The device comes with a jack which can be inserted in your smartphone’s slot to connect it. As soon as you connect the device with your phone, the iHealth Gluco-Smart app which is already installed in your phone will ask a permission whether to connect with the device or not. Click on ‘OK’ and leave the rest to the app to synchronize with the device. Now this is what we call a perfect development of health apps for android and iOS!


Scan the QR Code on iHealth Test Strips Bottle

Scan the QR Code on iHealth Test Strips Bottle

The next thing is to scan the QR code on the bottle of test strips to make sure that the expiry date and number of strips’ details are stored in the app. This gives you a clear idea that how many strips are used and how many are remaining in the future.


Insert the Test Strip in the Device

Insert the Test Strip in the Device

After saving the data of the iHealth Align strips, now it’s time insert the strip into the device with jack. When you insert the strip at the bottom of the device, ensure that you do not touch the reading part of the strip.


Extract the Blood through Lancing Device

Extract the Blood through Lancing Device

Taking a blood sample through a lancing device doesn’t take much of your time. All you have to do is adjust the depth of the needle to take the blood. You can clearly observe in the below video that how the depth is adjusted and the blood sample is taken:



The Final Step

The Final Step

Put the blood sample on the strip and it will show your glucose levels within fraction of seconds through the app installed in the phone. The readings are shown in mg/dl. The data is stored in your app and also cloud if it’s connected to your smartphone.


Wow! Pretty simple and easy to test! This is what today’s technology is known for. It’s not over yet! There is still something that you must know about this amazing device…


Add Additional Information After Every Test

Add Additional Information After Every Test

Once you receive the reading from the iHealth Align strip into your app, you can add some additional information such as whether the test was conducted after the meal or before the meal or after taking an insulin etc. All the data is stored in the app and you can view the readings of all time and the fluctuations in them.


For an instance, if your glucose levels are increasing regularly before meal or after meal, it is a serious concern. In such cases, you can have a glance at the readings and share it with your doctor. Isn’t it amazing? You don’t even need to visit to hospital to check and show your glucose levels to a doctor. This is the review of iHealth Align. I hope you got enough information on it. Download the iHealth Gluco-Smart Appfor android and iOS and measure your glucose levels today! And if you are looking for a similar app to be developed, you can shoot an email at [email protected]
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