Integrate a Toolkit or Third party SDK with Windows & Windows phone app using NuGet Package Manager


Mar. 15

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First of all what is Toolkit?

Toolkit provides a developer community with new functionalites and controls to help us. It develops a product in an efficient way.
Some of the features and functionalities are not provided by Microsoft, so we have to use few third party tools to meet the requirements. Microsoft provided easy ways to integrate the third party tools and control our application by Nuget package manager.

There are two methods to integrate Nuget package in windows phone :

  • Go to menu bar and click on Project->Manage NuGet Packages


Manage NuGet Packages


  • Go to Solution explorer Window and then right click on the project name to choose Manage Nuget Package


Manage NuGet Package


  • By using this method, you can search online for toolkit and Sdk


For example : I wish to download Windows phone Toolkit


Windows phone Toolkit


So, in the image you can see that the Windows phone Toolkit is ready to install. Just click on install button to toolkit in your application will be installed.

  • Another method to add third party toolkit in your project is by adding the .dll file from solution explorer.

Just go to ‘Solution Explorer’ and right click on Project name=>Add References => It will prompt one dialog box.


Add References in Windows App


Click on Browse button and go to your .dll file location to select file and then click OK. Now your .dll file is added to your project. If you get any error during the integration process, please update your Nuget Packge Manager.


  • Update Nuget package manager by Clicking on Tools=> Extend and Updates.

Extend and Updates in Windows App development


  • Now click on ‘Update’ button to update the Nuget package manager.

Nuget package manager

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