Intel to Boost the Connectivity and Security of Internet of Things (IoT) Apps With a New Software


Dec. 14

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Intel has developed a new software that will boost the connectivity and security of IoT apps. These applications run on Intel’s processors. This latest software includes some of the features from its McAfee and Wind River. With these features, Intel will give a tough competition to its rival ARM who developed similar kind of software for IoT apps. Till now there are lot of changes in the Internet of Things. Now have a look at the earlier attempts made by the most popular giants for IoT based solutions.

Earlier attempts

Google’s Nest announced its thread protocol in 2013 to stay connected with you home devices and apps. This IoT based solution was a first step towards smarthome application development from Google. In the same year, Apple released HealthKit with several features to keep an eye on your health status. It was one of the biggest releases of the year.

What experts say about this release?

Doug Davis, the general manager of Intel’s Internet of Things group said that, “By simplifying the development and making the overall process easier to implement new software that are useful for many, we can create the best of innovations.” Patrick Moorhead, president of Moor Insights and Strategy said that, “This is for the first time that Intel has taken a step forward to improve the security and connectivity of IoT apps.”

More partners

Intel has already partnered Dell and Accenture. It is now looking for more partners to implement the software in a perfect way for IoT apps. The company has come up with a new software to analyse the software and hardware data that makes the process simple. As a part of the process,

first, the software connects with the devices, filters the data turns the data into insight, visualize the data and monetize insight and then store the data in cloud. The entire process is accomplished in a safe way with end-to-end security solutions.

This is all about the Intel’s Internet of Things group and their functionality. As it is for the first time that Intel has developed a software for IoT apps, there will be many improvements made further.

As an innovative and smarter technology partner, we can build IoT based solutions for your business needs which will keep you ahead in this digital age. If you are really looking for a secure IoT based solution like smarthome application development and faster connectivity, contact us today!


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