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Sep. 16

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One of the most anticipated events of this year is the release of iOS 10. It is the new version of OS for iPhone and iPad. During the WWDC 2016, Apple had already tipped off some features of this upcoming iOS 10. No more waiting, the free update will soon be available for existing iPhones and iPads.

iOS 10 Release

The iPhone 7 has the preloaded iOS 10 by default. Other than this free update will be available for existing iPhones (iPhone 5 and newer) and iPads (iPad mini 2, iPad 4, iPad Air and newer).

Apple already released the public beta version of iOS 10 in July this year which gave the OS developers enough time to squash bugs by the actual launch date. Let us take you through the updates you will receive from this new version of iOS before the actual launch.

Siri – Your Personal Assistant

Siri has all the components to be the best among all the Artificial Intelligence applications. Major players like Microsoft are investing a lot in this field of AI and Apple won’t let them take the lead. Therefore Apple is coming up with a massive upgrade for Siri.

This includes writing the messages, doing image searches and transcribing voicemails. It is also expected from Siri to support third-party apps like WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.


Much simpler and more intuitive. It has brought back useful iTunes features, including Recently Added and Recently Played sections. And it has added information in Browse and For You that include daily playlists, top charts and radio – a bit like Spotify Discover.

It looks to be a much cleaner design, highlighting cover art properly and suggesting music that you’ll like in a more logical fashion. But it’s not going to excite you for iOS 10 if you’re not a paid subscriber.

Apple Maps

My biggest complaint about Apple Maps is its inability to scroll ahead on a route. Currently, Maps annoyingly springs me back to your current location whenever I try to look anywhere else.

But now, we’ll be free to pan and zoom around the map with the new Apple Maps update. The navigation software also allows dynamically zooming in and out of long stretches and complex interchanges.


iOS users never had liberty to customise the widgets on their phone which gave Android a great feature. This customisable widget will help iOS 10 users to keep vital information from an app on home screen. It can be used to check things such as calendar, appointments, to-do list and weather information.

Refreshing Un-Lock

Apple has been a pioneer with ‘Slide to Unlock’ feature and now it has decided to tweak it little bit. This is replaced by the “Press home to unlock”. And for those who have configured Touch ID fingerprint sensor, it will be ”Press home to open”.

While we cannot comment on the ease of use currently but it won’t be easy for loyal Apple users. Therefore we would recommend just try on and go with the flow.

Clear all notifications button

This may be the best change to iOS 10 notifications, that is the ability to clear all of your old notifications with 3D Touch. Swiping them away one by one or dismissing them in groups is always a time-consuming mess in the previous iOS .

Apple has added an ‘x’ icon in the redesigned notifications menu. All you need to do is tap once on this clear all and you can dismiss all the group notifications at once.

Graphical 3D Touch shortcuts

Within the home screen, 3D Touching app tiles like Activity gives you a more graphical account of your fitness goals. You’ll know faster than ever that you have to close those daily activity rings.

HomeKit App

Apple’s developer-focused HomeKit is coming to end-users with iOS 10 (and also Apple Watch), and the new app appears right on the home-screen unsurprisingly called “Home.”

It’ll tie all of your home-based IoT gadgets together into a simple interface and include Scenes to change the mood of rooms in a pinch, no matter who makes your home’s previously fragmented smart tech.

Waiting for the launch

While many of us have been using public-beta-update since a month,  having the full release updated on your iPhone will be completely different thing. It is expected to release iOS 10 in Apple Event to be held on or after 7th September 2016. It’s hard but the wait will be worth it.


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