iOS9 Maps To Bring An Updated Mass Transit Navigation


Jun. 15

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Apple launched its own mapping app with iOS6 replacing Google maps. It’s half-baked mapping app faced terrible media and customer criticism for not including public transit information and navigation. Ironically that has been an integral part of Google maps, the service that Apple replaced with its mapping app.

Embarrassing Flawed app

The mapping app came with so many location flaws and the fact of not having the information on public transportation almost annoyed the users. Tim cook apologized for his dull app and also encouraged people to install third party app while working to perfect his app.

Now Apple is considering the update on public transit service and navigation, the one it didn’t bother to take into account earlier, saying that mass transit directions weren’t a part of the app because third-party developers would do a better job at providing regional transit directions. But now the mistake has been realized and put to repair. Mending this erroneous app will appeal and prove to be advantageous to the commuters who totally rely on it.

Public Transit information and navigation

Though it was planning to add the public transit directions and information in iOS8 but now it hopes to do with iOS9. The new update could include the bus routes, subways and train schedule, train route navigation with a dedicated transit view in large icons alongside Standard, Hybrid, and Satellite. Apple is rumored to be announcing these upgrades to Maps during WWDC on June 8.

Indoor Navigation

It is also considering an ambitious project of inclusion of indoor maps which will be helpful to navigate major buildings, office, and landmark. It is going to do this by using autonomous robots as big as iRobot’s Roomba vacuum cleaners, and fitted with iBeacon sensors, to collect data for its indoor mapping project.

Mass transit feature for selected cities:

For a time being the mass transit feature will be available only in cities like including New York City, San Francisco, London, Berlin, Paris, Toronto, and some cities in China. Boston and Tokyo are two other cities on the mind of Apple to showcase its updated mass transit app. Also, two major cities known for public transportation such as Washington D.C and Chicago. Apple is expected to unveil iOS 9 at developer’s conference next week with a better and refined iOS9.

This news should provide enough hints for people who were earlier troubled with the performance of the app, to look forward to an impressive and competent app that will prove itself with flawless function.


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