KipstR: A Wristband That Records Your Favourite TV Shows When You Doze Off!


Feb. 15

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Many of you fall asleep in front of your TV after having your dinner. Don’t you? During this period, you might be missing on the favourite TV shows you love the most. To ward off this problem, two teenagers have created a wristband that records live shows on your TiVo box when you doze off.

KipstR wristband is developed by two young boys, Ryan Oliver (15) and Jonathan Kingsley (14). They collaborated with Virgin Media to develop the wristband and interface it with TiVo box. Whenever you fall asleep wearing this band, you will never miss the climax scenes of a movie or a show which usually happens.

A Pulse Oximeter to Detect Your Sleep:

The wristband has a pulse oximeter that detects your sleep and the time when you wake up. Whenever you doze off for a little time, the band mimics the TiVo to record the program. The most interesting feature about this TiVo and wristband integration is, whenever a program is being recorded, others can change the channel and it will not pause the recording of your program. Isn’t it amazing? The band also has a wireless sensor to connect with the TiVo box.

KipstR is 3D Printed:

One more interesting feature about KipstR wristband is, it is 3D printed. The band detects the heartbeat and oxygen levels to detect your sleep. Whenever the heartbeat rises above the awake levels, the band triggers the TiVo to resume the real-time programs on your TV. The wristband also helps the TiVo to play the most viewed programs and the programs by which the users response emotionally.

Later, the band will be able to connect with powering of your house when you doze off. This feature is not available at present, but the manufacturers of KipstR wristband are trying to explore new ways to make it possible.

Wrist band are now finally giving more than health monitoring! If you are looking forward to get such solutions, you can hire the experts of development of unique wearable apps today!


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