Lets Nurture Hosts HTML 5 Boost Up Session With GDG


Jan. 13

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GDG Ahmedabad
GDG Ahmedabad

Last week Lets Nurture hosted a Boost Up session with Google Developer Group Ahmadabad to train fresh and innovative mind once again at its Ahmadabad office after last time they had come to educate students

about the Android platform. This time however the event was about generating more awareness about the marvels of the new technology that is HTML 5. With its amazing features HTML 5 is set to be the most advanced connected platform out there.  From supporting a wide range of media, to functioning like a cross platform application development framework HTML 5 is already revolutionizing the web and its related technologies before its specifications are completed.

Topics that were highlighted in the session were:

  1. Websql: This is the native database structure that you can utilise in HTML5 applications
  2. Session Storage: With Session Storage, we have a separate data store for each window or tab that’s open.
  3. Local Storage: Local Storage provides a persistent data store of up to 5MB, which provides us with persistent storage of data for our web applications.
  4. basic html tags and new modifications in new tags and basic needs for the tags
  5. Drag And Drop : live app code and how it works…

After the success of the last Boost Up session with Android the participants wanted another session with GDG Ahmadabad. So at their behest another Boost up session involving another technology that is not well adopted by developers here in Ahmadabad but yet something as revolutionizing as the android platform. As usual the participants got to enjoy an educational experience with expert speaker Deep Moteria , Manager of GDG Gandhinagar and Programmer Analyst at Argusoft India Ltd.


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