Lets Nurture Launches ‘My Trackr’, a Beacon Enabled Location Finder App!


Mar. 15

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One simply cannot undermine the potential of beacons. The tiny soap shaped devices have given a paradigm shift to the behavior of consumers and retailers.

My Trackr app will detect BLE Devices with in range of 70 meter. And it can track location history of deteced device. This will ensure that any time if your important stuff is loosing sight you will get a notification on your phone.

Crowd Mapping

App has unique crowd mapping functionality. So if you are device which has beacon tag is coming with in range of any of the app user in entire world it will detect that device and will share location history to server. By this app user can easily find lost device even if it has gone miles away.

The android app Known as ‘My Trackr‘, has been created to provide a seamless object tracking experience to the smartphone users. My Trackr has been digitalized in such a way that one can find the lost valuables easily.We are planning to launch an app in iOS platform soon.

‘My Trackr’ has the ‘last seen’ functionality and range setting so that it can track the objects within its vicinity. Moreover, the users will also be able to know their geographical locations, delete history and put the app in vibrate mode.

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