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Feb. 13

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Twittecard is really a wonderful thing for people like me who spend a lot of time on twitter and do not want to leave out of it until there is something interesting.Twitter card helps to include snippet about article/ slideshow / video / image in twitter timeline by this you do not need to click on link until you are interested in it. We love Twitter and We are now happy that we have our own twittercard 🙂

Where Exactly TwitterCard Apears?

Twittercard content appears when you click on View Summary link on twitter timeline. See below image for that.

twittercard-view-summaryYou can include various media on twittercard following is a example of our slideshare document appearing on twitter.

Slideshare Twittercard

And here is what we got today J Approval of Twittercard for letsnurture’s content.


So now our snippet will appear on timeline of everyone who RT/share our tweets.twitter-card-letsnurture

What Benefit We Are Expecting From Twittercard Approval

  • Increase in CTR
  • Increase in CRO From Twitter Traffic.
  • Improvisation on Authenticity of Website.
  • Huge Benefit on Inbound Marketing Efforts.

What do you think will twittercard improve your authenticity or your digital marketing efforts?>/p>


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