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Aug. 17

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LetsNurture has always been contributing towards remediating social problems. We have arranged events like cloths donation, food donation and book donation in various underprivileged areas of Ahmedabad and other cities nearby.

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Obliging towards Social Responsibility

LetsNurture has been using under utilised clothes and other old material. Since last few years, LetsNurture has been thriving to contribute towards the betterment of the underprivileged. And with this initiative, the team of LetsNurture collect old clothes from modest donors from across the city, state and even country. We are glad to have few contributors from abroad as well.

But it’s not always possible for people belonging to different geographies to contribute towards this social cause. So we came up with a solution that serves into benefits for all. This symbiotic solution is an eCommerce website.

LetsNurture’s eCommerce website for contributing a little more

Our adept developers developed an online store. This was a step we took to further support our CSR activities. We developed this online store to cater the donors that are willing to contribute towards this noble cause from around the world.

We have three products at present, listed on our eCommerce website: A coffee mug, a diary and a t-shirt.

We would donate the emoluments we receive from this online store to charity. This will help us help the indigents.

You can buy these products from the website at a viable cost and a part of the amount will be contributed towards charity.

If you are a social enthusiast that would like to patronage by donating to the underprivileged, our online store can help you contribute.

You can shop from here.


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