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Apr. 15

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March happens to be the end of the financial year and also the busiest month of all. With all the year-end tasks pending to be taken care of and projects being anticipated to be launched soon, March brings with itself a bundle of drama.

No matter how busy we become, the Lets Nurture family never lets an opportunity of having fun slip. So here’s what we did in March!

Lets Nurture Team Day and No Lift Day

We have special days being celebrated in style all the year round and March isn’t an exception either! Lets Nurture started the month on a healthy note. Why not burn some calories while we stress out about the year end deadlines?

‘Lets Nurture Team Day’ with an add-on : No Lift Day. All of us were in our Lets Nurture tees and weren’t supposed to use lift for the entire day. Walk the stairs, Lets Nurture way. We had real fun we must say! By the end of the day, we had our winner and an employee who was healthier than before- Ankit. He was awarded with gifts and goodies. Cheers to that!


Black and White Day: Back to the 60’s

Nobody can deny the magic of colors but monochrome has its own charm. Our family at Lets Nurture agreed to it on this day. Everybody was in Blacks and Whites, looking simple yet suave.

It seemed as if we went back to the era of 60’s of Bollywood. Even the nurturer, Ketan, looked as if he transported himself from some different era. With no colors around, only our computer screens spread color of technology around.


Dash of nostalgia: Back to the Childhood Days

Remember the days when we hated school and couldn’t wait to be an adult? Exactly! So here we decided to come up with a day which was reminiscent of our long lost childhood.

All of us gathered in school uniforms and dresses usually worn by children. We all looked goofy in our grown-up childhood avatars indeed! Though it looked embarrassing to the onlookers, we had a fun filled day. Who would have thought, we could be kids again?!


Enjoying the team spirit with Group Day

We are where we belong to! We must celebrate the kind of technology we work with, day in and day out. Thus, March 23rd saw each team dressed in different colors. Android DevelopersiOS Developers, the PHP Developers, the Web and the SEO.

Each team celebrated the spirit of their core work by wearing attires and accessories relevant to the nature or functionality area of their teams. The Android team members almost looked like the famous Android Green Robot (Bugdroid), we find as their mascot. 😀


‘My Trackr’ at the GDG Women Techmakers Event

Lets Nurture has always been privileged to be a part of the renowned Google Developers Group – Ahmedabad. This time, we had the golden opportunity to speak about our application ‘My Trackr’ at the GDG Women Techmakers 2015 Event held at Ahmedabad.

Women Tech makers is a global program under Google’s brand for women who have made excellent contributions to the technology field. This program provides women with content, insights and inspiration to encourage and promote participation in the field of technology. The motto of the program is to nurture and promote women developers, designers and technology entrepreneurs.

The event took off on March 28th, 2015 and Prachi, our Senior Content Writer and Rupal, our HR Executive, spoke about the newly launched ‘My Trackr’, a Beacon enabled location finder app. For those who are unaware, Beacons are tiny tracking devices (read: micro-chip devices) which can be tracked using Bluetooth technology.

Not only that, Beacons and our app together can also work on crowd mapping enabling you to find your precious things with the help of other users even when beyond your reach. They work with both iOS and Android devices. In spite of being from the non-technical background, Prachi and Rupal did a commendable job at the event. The presentation was welcomed by the participants gathered and was highly appreciated.

The possibilities presented by Lets Nurture through the session left everyone awestruck as it was about harnessing technology for the betterment of the society. They ended the presentation with explaining how a tiny device could help millions of people, followed by the question/answer session which was very insightful too.

Prachi and Rupal, were highly motivated and excited about this upcoming technological advancement and were eager to be a part of the technological storm which is soon going to take over the world.

The future is here, finally!


Love in the Hair: The Hair Style Day

Love, Hair Style Day, Letsnurture

Every organization has that one person who does the craziest or coolest of hairstyle everyday! We wanted more. So, we asked everybody to come up with the wackiest of hairstyle for the day. And needless to say, love was all in the hair that day. Surprisingly, we saw the employees that looked completely different from what they usually look.

We had two round of votes and then finally came up with two winners and loads of crazy pictures. Yash and Swayam won with majority of votes and got showered with lovely goodies. That’s not it, the entire day was a crazy roller coaster ride as each time we left the office premises, we attracted a good deal of curious and fascinated onlookers. We definitely turned some heads around that day.


Rendezvous with the trainees

We, at Lets Nurture not only focus on being a part of the technology around the world but also at nurturing and preparing the learners for the future. We are making the younger generation ready for future by placing the right tools and expertise in their hands so that they can rise and shine throughout.

Prachi, our senior content writer, did a round of conversations with the trainees and interns of Lets Nurture family. The motive of this conversation was to know how well the trainees are getting nurtured. With the right amount of guidance, inspiration and encouragement, the budding stars of technology are working their way up the ladder. Each intern shared their story so far with Prachi regarding all that they learned and about how well they are doing since the past few months. Knowledge is the key!

You can read more about the internship programs held at Lets Nurture right here.


Addition to the Gems

Our family is getting bigger and stronger. This month, Kajal joined as the Project Manager in Web team, Neha joined in the Social Media Marketing team and Jay joined in the PHP team.

We always strive to make the best out of what we have. You can join are team as well. Write to us at [email protected] and be a part of our family!

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