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Sep. 16

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Do you know that learning a new language structurally changes your brain for good?

Its might sound weird but learning a new language stimuli your brain’s activity level. Brain functions more effectively if we go on learning a new language every 5 years on. It just believes to entertain new things and make way for other activities too.

Learning language is not just good for the brain but it can also you in your career possibilities. Dealing with people from different nations, language helps in understanding their culture. With knowledge of multiple languages, you can become – travel show host, translator and even a diplomat. Cool, isn’t it?

What are steps in learning a new language?

It’s not easy to find a good teacher these days. But one can surely learn basics of the language with help of internet or the web and mobile applications. For 2 billion smartphone users it is relatively easier to download the mobile app and start learning the fundamentals of a particular language.

Mobile Application makes the tedious task of learning language quite comforting. First thing, it gives you a completely free hand on the time. So you can choose the time as per your convenience and just start learning. On way to home/work or waiting for some somewhere, just open the mobile app & here you go.

I just tried my hand on few such apps just learning french. So, I figured it out the features one should look out for a language learning app.

Daily New Word

It is the easiest way to learn any language. Begin with learning common and communicative words like – Hello, Good Morning, etc. Even the simple phrases can do this part very well. To learn quickly, one would have to make at least a small commitment. So an app which helps you learn a word a day can be a catalyst in your language learning goal.

Pronunciation of Words

It is difficult to pronounce the words in another language. You might learn how to write the word but pronunciation is unpredictable and guessing is a terrible strategy. It often leads to errors, which lead to bad habits. Always look out for this feature in the language learning app. Listen how the word is pronounced in the particular language and then practice it regularly.

User Progress Detail

The tool helps track user’s progress in a language by measuring their completion of different progress indicators. One can use it to track their user’s overall progress and prepare progress reports. The vitality of this tool comes handy when one has limited time to learn and complete the task.

Reminder for daily practice

It is important for learners to have a ‘practice reminder’ in the language mobile app for their own benefit. There’s nothing more depressing and discouraging than spending an hour or two learning the language resulting being achieved nothing. Do put some thought and preparation at each practice session. A daily reminder notification will help the learner to starve towards the ultimate goal.

Regular Tests

Assessment is an integral part of learning. Without regular tests, users will never know how much they have learnt and how much is still left. Tests also provide the much-needed motivation to learn with conviction to succeed. Any mobile app that teaches you how to learn the language must have this feature of quiz and tests.

Why to wait to learn something new. As the globalisation reaches to every corner of the world the demand of learning new languages will prompt. It is the right opportunity to invest in a mobile application that can help people learn more and more languages.


Ketan Raval
Posted by Ketan Raval

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