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Oct. 16

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After busy and hectic day at work, we all long for some kind of entertainment. For many of us, television or the internet is the best resort at the end. Also, every once in awhile we like to visit outdoor for a musical concert, movies, fun event or a theatrical play. Many enthusiasts even like to shake a leg at a discotheque or dine in a pleasant ambience of a restaurant at the downside.

Impetigo to your Entertainment

Now imagine a scenario where you got to stand in queue for hours to buy tickets for live shows or a musical concert. You may also have to set aside a considerable amount of time and energy to personally visit the theatre to purchase the ticket on hand. This is the most frustrating situation in times like today. It completely ruins your mood for entertainment. The bigger trouble is when you have promised your spouse or partner for the show.

Mobile Apps can ease your Worries

Nowadays, mobile stores are flooded with mobile apps that can help you book shows, order tickets or reserve a table. Some mobile app also lets you plan, organise and manage parties and events too. Using the party app platform you can invite people, share an idea, send media, manage vendor directory details and allow chatting.

Get Location based Events

As most recent smartphones support GPS-enabled location tracking many mobile apps also feature map guides. With GPS led real time route tracking you could easily find direction to the desired party venue or an event.

Several mobile apps are linked to city affairs and daily happening listing database. They allow you to easily track news and events happening in and around your area at a given time. At any point of time, you could look for the seat availability and book tickets.

Schedule your Entertainment Plans

Yet another kind of apps lets you plan your entire weekend schedule. So you can plan for weekend activities in morning, schedule for quick lunch before going for evening movie show. Plan your dinner in a fine restaurant en route before arriving back to home sweet home.

Another feature that has influenced soaring up of entertainment industry revenue is media sharing and download. Several messaging and social media apps are letting their users share huge bundle of data online.

Technology on our Side

As internet bandwidth has increased significantly, sharing gigabytes of visual data online has become quite a smooth task. Also, live streaming of audio or video clips now transpires within few seconds. This has taken entertainment to next level. Some apps allow users to watch premium movies at a chargeable rate right there on their smartphones.

The entertainment industry is one of the most soaring businesses of recent times. Now with technological offering to assist mobile users, revenue generation from entertainment business is certainly expected to mount the highest peak in the time to come.

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Ketan Raval
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