Why Mobile Learning Apps Are The Future of Education


Sep. 16

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The technology is rapidly changing the world around us. A lot of people are concerned about the way technology is slowly replacing human efforts. There are some academicians who worry that there will be hardly any students to teach in the near future. It is because mobile learning apps might take over a lot of tasks and abilities that we have been teaching our students for decades.

The future has great expectations for education because that’s what careers will require. Education will be not just taking in information and sharing it back, but also figuring out what to do with that information in the real world.

The Big Evolved Classroom

Mobile Apps like Evernote, Google, and Siri will become learning standards and will change what teachers value and test for. Basically, if you can ask Siri to answer a question, then you will not be evaluated on that. Instead, learning will be project based. Students will be evaluated on critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.

Innovators rather than Learners

Literature and math will still be taught, but they will be taught differently. Math will be taught as a way of learning how to solve problems and puzzles. In literature, students will be asked what a story means to them. Instead of taking tests, students will show learning through creative projects. The role of teachers will be to guide students in the areas where they need guidance as innovators.

Evolution of Education with Learning Apps

The language skills will be checked on the basis of tests on mobile applications. Learning apps will also have a series of measures to correct your grammar and language usage. It will help students determine their ability more efficiently and effectively. Those students who shy away from openly asking questions in classroom will now have a veil of mobile app.

This will not only be useful in building the confidence among the students but also give them freedom to learn whatever they want. The restriction of course related subjects may be sidelined with the mobile learning app taking over the traditional educational system.

Leveraging the Technology

As of now, educational app learning is not intended to be an educational method in itself but rather it is supposed to complement the existing ways. Students can take advantage of learning at their convenience with these apps. Self-teaching and anytime-learning are all positives of learning with apps. The way students learn is diverse and mobile apps provide this flexibility.

With the use of cloud technology, information can be stored and retrieved universally. Teachers can share learning aids such as pictures, PDFs, videos, podcasts etc. online which can be accessed from the student’s smartphone or tablet. They can also grade their student’s assignments and projects likewise.

Education app development holds to be the future in education, where students can learn from anywhere and teachers can teach from anywhere. The basic thing is: Education will never disappear. It will just take up different forms.



Ketan Raval
Posted by Ketan Raval

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