Mobile Marketing Trends to Boost Business Earnings


Sep. 16

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The technological revolution has significantly improved one to one   communication between people and has revolutionised the way commercial transactions are carried out on a digital medium.

Scope and significance of Mobile Marketing

According to a recent study by end of the year 2019,  mobile users will touch count of nearly 5.2 billion.  Another estimation revealed that approximately 850 mobile apps are downloaded every second from the Apple’s store. This substantial increase in mobile app downloads and the growing user base has prompted brand marketers to explore mobile medium for ad promotion and ordering.

Mobile phone users often consider app reviews and ratings before actual download. Most downloaded mobile applications are bound to generate maximum earning for business.

History of Mobile Marketing

In early 90’s when  mobile phones came into existence, marketing activities were carried out through SMS.  Through short messaging service marketers used persuasive techniques to targeted certain  user groups. When these users buys a product or service they are considered as clients converted.

With the passage of time SMS were replaced with MMS or multimedia messaging service. It allowed brand promoters and marketers to send media objects like – pictures, music and video clips. Soon after smartphone were launched opening up several more channels of communication and marketing.  In the year 2009, Apple introduced Push Notification services which received  every promotional message sent by the ad server of the installed mobile app.

Current trends in Mobile Marketing

In the current scenario, marketers source mobile marketing through  app based marketing, in-game marketing, message apps marketing  proximity based marketing. App based marketing aims towards increasing the visibility of an application in app store. It promotes maximum app downloads allowing users in direct engagement and payment. In game marketing strategy focus on pop up ads and promotional messages that are displayed when the user connects to the Internet.

Nowadays most users are accustomed to use chat and messaging apps as a tool for communication. It allows marketers to use these them as a platform for marketing campaign.  Advancement in science has allowed NFC and low emission radiating technology to be used for proximity marketing. It uses light energy or thin rays to send marketing notifications and messages to prompt call for action.

Many marketers have even explored GPS to source location based services. LBS are offered by network providers as a way to send custom advertising and other information to cell-phone subscribers based on their Geo-position.

What does the stats indicate?

A recent survey conducted by Nielsen predicted that a smartphone user on an average accesses 26.7 apps every month. It also revealed that an adult spends an average of 91 app hours every month.  Another  report from Kenshoo stated that mobile apps installation have tripled  year on year.  These data indicate that ad promotion and marketing on a mobile medium is expected to boost business revenue by many folds

Experts analysts and trend interpreters are of opinion that marketing on a mobile medium will change the way most commercial businesses transpire.  At LetsNurture we have expert mobile marketers that will guide your business on the growth track by employing effective marketing strategies and techniques.


Ketan Raval
Posted by Ketan Raval

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