Mobilegeddon – A New Mobile-Friendly Ranking Algorithm in SEO Industry!


Apr. 15

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After hummingbirds, pandas, and penguins, recently Goggle has officially released mobile friendly ranking algorithm after lot of controversial debates. It gives a boost mobile-friendly pages in Google’s mobile search results. For the first time Google had given release of Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm was 21st April and all search engine experts are busy in to unveil more SEO facts about what to expect around the algorithm.

What is Mobilegeddon & Impact of it

A changes in algorithm to make more efficient search engine results ranking on searches made on mobile devices which is called a  Mobilegeddon. According to John Mueller, they began rolling out the much awaited Mobile Friendly Update. Whether your website is mobile friendly or not , this update will be elevated over sites that are not mobile friendly.

By the passing time, it will be proved as expected by search engine optimization experts and webmasters, they are also claiming that they are seeing a more than expected impact of the mobile friendly algorithm in the mobile search results and “the roll out has 100% begun and is actually completely live in some of the many Google data centers.” confirmed by Google’s John Mueller.

Things to know about Update

  • This update is effect only mobile searchers and it gives a ranking boost to mobile-friendly pages in Google’s mobile search results only, not impact on desktop rankings.
  • Also only impacts searches which done on mobile smartphone devices, not tablets.
  • If you want to know that is you website is mobile friendly, Use the mobile friendly testing tool which allows websites to see whether their sites are ready for the algorithm tweak and also will show if you pass the test, still Google may need time to update their index that your web pages are mobile friendly.
  • This mobile friendly algorithm is run in real time. It may be take a time to displayed in the search results.
  • If your website is mobile-friendly, it will normally take over 72-hours for pick up on Google changes. Large sites can take up to a month to display as fully mobile friendly if you do everything right for Google to show your web pages as mobile friendly.
  • You cannot be partially mobile friendly than another web page. A web page is only yes or no on being mobile friendly or not.
  • No need of a separate mobile sitemap at all.
  • This update is only for organic listing, So don’t worry about your AdWords ads results.

Have a more ideas and information about mobile-friendly algorithm

So make sure your most important pages are indexed as mobile friendly sooner than later and check back here about more news about Mobilegeddon, SEO, Digital marketing.


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