MongoDB is an open source cross-platform document-oriented database that abets developers to design scalable solutions. It is the next generation NoSQL database using which you can create incredible mobile apps and web apps.

Instead of storing your data in tables made out of individual rows, like a relational database does, it stores your data in collections made out of individual documents.

Renowned companies like Metlife and Expedia exclusively use MongoDB.

Why to opt for MongoDB development?

  • Big Data Support: A single MySQL table performance will degrade when crossing the 5-10 GB per table. This creates hassle in database scaling. MongoDB has a built in easy solution for that.
  • High Write Load: If you need to load tons of data lines with a low business value for each one, MongoDB will prove to be effective.
  • Location-based Data: MongoDB has built in special functions, so finding relevant data from specific locations is fast and accurate.
  • BSON Format: BSON is a JSON-like storage format that MongoDB uses which supports all types of data, also large binary objects.
  • Replication: MongoDB supports master-slave replication. A master can perform reads and writes. A slave copies data from the master and can only be used for reads or backup.
  • MongoDB Management Service: It provides custom alerts which helps to discover issues before your MongoDB instance will be affected.

Why choose LetsNurture for MongoDB development services?

  • Ad Hoc Queries: We provide effective solution for field level queries, range level queries, and expression related queries with predefined functions of MongoDB to get the results from massive data.
  • Scalability: We can scale your database schema using Sharding, efficiently and inexpensively which increases the performance of data processing.
  • Indexing: We can skillfully perform complex queries by making indexes on JSON data, can easily generate reports by gathering all types of data.
  • Sharding: We can deploy your mobile application data across multiple data centers as the application grows rapidly. We can effectively manage your application with Big data.

Experience the NoSQL world with LetsNurture

With in-house expertise in database development we have hands-on experience in MongoDB development. By choosing us for your MongoDB development requirements, we promise to enhance the abilities of your database management system.

We have experience in nurturing the clients with each aspect of MongoDB. Hence, we ensure you to provide a wide range of services for MongoDB development. You can request a free quote from us. We would be glad to discuss your queries and requirements further.


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