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Month of April: Blossoming, Nurturing and Beyond


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April month came in with the season of spring, a breath of fresh air and enthusiasm at LetsNurture! As we are expanding our horizons to different domains; several new members having a great potential joined our team.

Enlisted below are their names and the departments of their joining.

  • iOS department: Darshit, Rahul and Ravi
  • PHP department: Binal and Arpita
  • Designing department: Pranay

Here are the details about other significant events that happened at LetsNurture last month.

A Winning Streak: Yet Another Win!

LetsNurture is experiencing a winning streak for the past few days! On the 19th of April, the professionals from the firm participated at the Nokia X Go Portathon event and brought us a lot of fame and pride. Team LetsNurture proved its development flair and surpassed the other participants by winning a wonderful Nokia X! The participants included Team Leader from Android App development department Pratik, Android and iOS developer Kirit and Hitendra, from LetsNurture. Cheers to the winning team!

Effective Presentations and Group Discussions

On the 19th of April, LetsNurture turned into a hub of information! The employees from different departments shared their knowledge and technical information through attractive powerpoint presentations. The best part about these presentations was that the presenters were well prepared to answer all the questions bombarded from the team members. Group discussions were also a part of this event.

  • Presenters from PHP department included: Ankit, Navdha, Nital, Krunal, Nilesh, Manan and Pankaj
  • The SEO team presenters included Prachi, Ankita and Jignesh
  • Presentation from the Mobile team was initiated by our Project Manager Mr. Utpal Betai and it was followed by Pratik, Rahul and Chitra  from his team

Team LetsNurture had a great experience from these sessions. We have plans to conduct such events in our company every month.

Campus Drive at Silver Oak College

LetsNurture conducted a campus drive on 22nd April at the Silver Oak College of Engineering and Technology with the intention of finding new talents and adding them to the family of LetsNurture. We conducted a brief presentation about the company and thereafter organized interviews with the aspiring professionals. Few candidates that showed a spark were shortlisted for the final interview with us.

Seminar on Open Source Technologies

Mr Utpal Betai, the Project Manager from LetsNurture was invited to speak on the topic of Open Source Mobile Technologies at the Sabar Institute of Technology on 24th April. He provided information about the ways in which the open source technologies are influencing the masses worldwide. His presentation was appreciated a lot among the audiences and it offered several insights to the students who were present at the event.

Skill Improvement Session for PHP trainees

‘Even diamonds need polishing’ they say! As we love to nurture the freshers like saplings, we make sure that we inculcate skills which can help them to work professionally. Apart from the technical training, the PHP trainees were given the communication and soft skills training, email etiquette sessions and other personality development training through us.

We had a month full of events in April. Know how we conduct these events by  subscribing to our blogs. Happy reading!

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