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Navratri Dhamal an Android Appplication Developed By Team LetsNurture


Sep. 12

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Navratri, a festival of nine nights, a festival to celebrate the strength of ‘Maa Amba’(Durga), induces a state of utter trance in people. This festival is devoted to the worship of Goddess Amba, to celebrate her victory over the demons. It symbolizes the victory of righteousness over all that is evil.

Navratri Dhamal

We at LetsNurture bring you a mobile app “Navratri Dhamal”.

It gives you a chance to experience the sheer ecstasy brought forth by this festival. This year celebrate Navratri with our Navratri Dhamal app.  Navratri Dhamal gives you all the information that you need to know about this colourful and joyful festival.

See how we celebrate work at LetsNurture.

Keeping in mind the essence of this festival and the enthusiasm of people we decided to dedicate an entire app to it. Navratri Dhamal is your perfect guide that keeps you up to date on all the Navratri events going around you.

Here is a sneakpeek on what our mobile app Navratri Dhamal is all about.

What this application has in store for you?

  • A melodious Aarti for Ma Amba (rendition devoted to the Goddess) with complete lyrics so that you can sing along the praises to the Goddess.
  • A complete guide on Navratri. Now you have all the information you need to at your fingertips.
  • Fascinating wallpapers of Maa Amba
  • Videos of all the popular Garba for you to dance along the tunes. Now learn the Garba steps as you watch.
  • A complete and informative list of all the Dandiya events coming up near you. You can check the start and end date of the event and even locate it with the help of Google maps. Not only that you can even check the upcoming events happening around the globe.

Navratri Dhamal is our attempt to give you a wholesome Navratri experience and to ornate it with all the colours and flavours of Navratri.

To know more about it DOWNLOAD NAVRATRI DHAMAL.

Tell us how you liked this new endeavour by LetsNurture. You can also give us suggestions on newer and better feature that helps us to bring you better mobile apps in future.

To join our amazing team and add more awesomeness to it, do contact us.


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