Nest Thermostat Can be Now Controlled with Voice Commands through Google


Dec. 14

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Nest is most probably the best thermostat in the present market. Google Now integrated with Nest by which the users can now control this device with voice commands. It was first reported by Android Police and also released the list of commands through which you can control the thermostat.

Use Google voice

Just by using the Google voice by saying ‘Set my Nest to 75 Degrees’ you can connect with the Nest directly. It will feature an option right below the voice box to open Nest. This seems to be the best smarthome application development of this year. You can also try few other commands given below:

  • Set Nest at 22 Celsius
  • Change the temperature to 69
  • Set temperature to 32
  • Modify my Nest temperature to 24 degree Celsius
  • Change my thermostat to be 25 Celsius please

There are many other commands by which you can control this smart device. But if you are just looking to change the temperature easily, the above ones are more than enough.

Change the temperature from miles away

Change the temperature from miles away

It doesn’t matter whether you are at home or miles away from home, you can modify it from anywhere. Besides Nest App, that gives plenty of options to control the thermostat, Google voice integrations is an additional benefit for the users. Other than this, if you are looking for an app that can locate your business location, Geo location based application development is a safe option.

Make your Nest learn

Make your Nest learn

It is now possible to make your Nest learn about how much temperature you require in the room. Give few days of time or two weeks to adjust the thermostat to understand the atmosphere and your timings to adjust it. After few days, it will automatically adjust according to your timings and surrounding temperature. The program build in the thermostat helps the device to keep learning whenever you modify the settings. It never stops learning!

A green leaf can save you a lot

A green leaf can save you a lot

Whenever you set the temperature, you can clearly observe a green leaf indicating that it is the right temperature you should maintain. If you set it in the mode where green leaf appears, you can save 5% of energy used. Whenever you turn it up or down, it records the temperature and the programming capabilities of the thermostat will start learning to save more.

The Google voice integration with Nest thermostat is very useful for those who don’t have time turn it up and down.

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