Samsung plans to put the ’player’ in music player


Feb. 13

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Samsung has applied for a patent for the most crazy portable music player yet. Even though patents seldom mean much but we just hope that they go through with this idea because it one of the most splendid devices as of yet. The idea for the music player is that you can jam along with the songs that you hear.

new Samsung music player patent
The most outlandish and exciting player yet.

You heard right this music player will double as an instrument that you can use to play along with songs. The initial draft of the device indicates the device will have keys and motion sensors. While listening to an epic tune you can press the buttons like you were fingering a fretboard and the motion detectors can also sense the motions of your finger. Means you can change the position of your hand on the guitar’s neck. Additionally a motion detector on the side will detect the fingers on your other hand to detect the strum on the chord. Just think about it. Jamming heavy metal like James Hetfield, on your portable music player. Some would say the future is here. Then there are others who hear you and tell that the end is nigh.

While still a patent we are definitely anticipating such an amazing device. Think of the garage band type of playing you can do by connecting the player to a speaker and amplifier combo and jamming with your favorite bands or provide additional instrumentation for your favorite singer or simply strike out a tune to horrify your neighbors. What? See you have an evil mind. The last part got you interested the most did it not?

If this device does not hit the market then you can add our name to the list of people who would petition for the gadget.

So what are your speculations? Think this would be a great device?

-Source: Engadget


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