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Mar. 18

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Purchasing grocery items is the routine activity of every household. Often families find it a need to buy dairy products, cereals, snacks, fruits & veggies etc. on a day to day basis. Many families often seek assistance of their maid or visit stores to purchase groceries on their own.

Ongoing method of buying groceries – visiting grocery store

It requires you  to walk or pedal to the nearby grocery store that may be situated few meters away. As a buyer the next thing you would do is look for the products that you may need, load them into the basket, get them billed and make payment.

However there are few consideration one may need to focus upon when they visit grocery stores for buying.

Time Factor:
Depending on the distance to  travel, it may take you anywhere between quarter of an hour to half an hour to reach the grocery store.  You may then need to walk between the shelves, maneuver with the crowd,  pick the products and get them billed.  Altogether the entire shopping cycle would require you to spare few hours of your precious time.

Product Stock and Availability:
Sometimes the product that you are looking for may not be available at that particular moment because of unavailability or due to product going out of stock.

Impulsive Purchase:
Every time  you visit a grocery store  you tend to buy  items like chocolates, snacks and other eatables out of impulsion or sheer temptation.

Bulky-Heavy Product Purchase:
Often large volume or monthly supply of wheat flour packs, cereals and other groceries are either too heavy or bulky to carry them along on a bike or on foot.

Application of Technology to revolutionize grocery purchase

Information technology has revolutionized the lifestyle and comfort needs of people. Now with the help of smartphones you just need to feed in your order list and make payment with a tap of a button to get groceries delivered at your doorstep.

While the m-shopping offers convenience and time saving it also has certain drawbacks to consider about.  Listed below are some positives and negatives of using mobile apps in m-shopping of groceries.

Saves time and provides convenience: By using  mobile app to choose the type and quantity of the grocery item you can order them on-line and get them delivered at your doorstep in few days time.  It pulls you away from personally visiting the store, thereby saves your time and provides convenience.

+ Allows you to plan in advance and delivers  at your doorstep: Mobile apps lets you to access the grocery catalog allowing you to plan your order that falls within your set aside grocery budget. Grocers also promise to door deliver the order and thus save you from carrying all the bulky heavy load on your own.

+ Reduces unnecessary spending and offers discount coupons: As the order is planned, it prevents impulsive buying. Also, to promote m-shopping grocers often provide discount coupon code from time to time.

Product quality/quantity maybe compromised: As m-shopping allows you to purchase products on-line, it always poses risk of receiving inferior or a substandard grocery product.  Sometimes when the product is out of stock, grocers may pack similar other product, or a duplicate product instead.

More expensive: You may have to pay little more than the current trending prices, for the convenience it offers.

All in all if you are willing to spend some extra money and have managed to stay loyal to your grocery supplier, purchasing grocery through mobile apps eventually turn out to be a pleasant experience.


Ketan Raval
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